Colorectal cancer research funded by the National Cancer Institute investigates new potential immunotherapy targets

Portrait of Zhenghe John Wang, PhD

A team of researchers from CWRU and UH is investigating the role of Erbb3 in the development of colorectal cancer. To put it simply, says lead investigator Zhenghe John Wang, PhD, the team is attempting to discover the pathways that can switch the cold tumors to hot tumors, and activate immune checkpoints. The research is supported by a grant of $2.1M over five years from the National Cancer Institute. The study builds upon previous work where Wang and his team showed that Erbb3 made cancer cells sensitive to PD-1 inhibitors. Project co-investigators include Alex Huang, MD, PhD; Joseph Willis, MD; Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan, PhD; Eva Selfridge, MD, PhD.