Exner, Basilion Receive $2.4M to Continue Work on First Prostate Cancer Cell-Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agent

Co-leaders of Case CCC's Cancer Imaging Program, Agata Exner, PhD (PI) and James Basilion, PhD (MPI) received a four-year, $2.4M NIH grant to continue the development, implementation, and clinical translation of the first prostate cancer cell-targeted ultrasound contrast agent.

The research team includes Case CCC Cancer Imaging Program members Leo Bittencourt, MD, PhD, Xinning Wang, PhD, and David Wilson, PhD. They are joined by Michael Kolios, University of Toronto (MPI).

The platform technology is the ultrasound-sensitive nanobubble which is targeted to PSMA using a ligand developed by Basilion and Wang. The goal of this work is to enable better imaging of prostate cancer, improve guidance for biopsy procedures, and ultimately lower patient morbidity and mortality by expediting diagnosis and treatment. The researchers also are striving to make this a universally accessible and low-cost approach compared to other modalities.

Congratulations to the team!