Exner Lab Improving Gene Therapy with Tiny Bubbles

Portrait of Agata Exner

Agata Exner, PhD, co-leader of Case CCC's Cancer Imaging Program and Associate Director of CWRU SOM's Medical Scientist Training Program, was featured in Newswise on April 11 with postdoc Pinunta "Petch" Nittayacharn for their work using tiny bubbles to make mRNA more effective.

Nittayacharn recently received a Global Research Fellowship award from Moderna to continue work in this area in the Exner Lab.

"Because mRNA offers immense potential to fight disease, but targeting the genetic material to specific diseased cells is challenging—we knew it required a new method," explained Exner. "If these challenges can be overcome, our approach could lead to new and more effective ways of delivering therapies to specific cells in the body which is especially important in treating diseases like cancer or genetic disorders, where specific cells need to be targeted without harming healthy cells.”

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