It's Almost All in the Names

I continue to be in awe of the quality and range of outstanding cancer research coming out of labs across Cleveland from members of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. As we all witnessed at the recent AACR Meeting, our collective work garners considerable attention and recognition. I am delighted that Case CCC pilot funds and shared resources contributed to much of this great work. However, there were few references to this link, and our recognition as a NCI-designated cancer center depends on this attribution.  

I counted 21 different descriptions that we used to identify our departments and institutions. Out of 56 entries, only 3 mentioned the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. Yet, we are all members of the Case CCC. 

I am writing to ask that you include the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center in your presentations. 

May I suggest this approach:

  1. Use a consistent format and sequence of identifiers.  

  2. Add the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center to your institutional affiliations.

  3. Use the Case CCC's logo as well as your own institution's. 

Remember, Cancer Center Administration is here to help. We can provide you with templates and logos for your presentations. We can help to publicize your posters and presentations if you let us know about them.  Including the Case CCC in your list of affiliations makes it so much easier for us to track and publicize your accomplishments. Contact Gillian Irwin ( for logos or templates, guidance on listing your affiliations, or with any other questions.