President's Budget Request Includes Additional Funding to NCI

This is exceptionally good news! 

As you can see from NCI Director Doug Lowy's message below, the president's budget confirms his intention to fund cancer research through NCI. Please review and recognize that your opportunity to participate begins with your next grant submission. 

Given the budget cycle, the requested funds will be available for grants submitted now through December and perhaps February 2017. So take advantage! Please plan your application now and be attentive to NCI RFAs that are issued in the next nine months. 

Let me know how the Cancer Center can help. Cancer Center leadership is ready to review and support any application prior to submission.  

President's Budget Request Affirms Commitment to Cancer Research Initiative

Message from NCI Director, Dr. Doug Lowy

Yesterday, the White House released the  President's fiscal year (FY) 2017 Budget Request, which includes additional NCI funding of $680 million to support the cancer research initiative inspired by Vice President Biden.  The budget request affirms the Administration's commitment to cancer research and the realistic optimism in the cancer community about the opportunities for progress in many areas of cancer research.  This substantial proposal follows the $260.5 million increase in NCI funding that Congress appropriated to NCI this year. 
As outlined by President Obama, a task force composed of leadership from various federal agencies has been assembled by the Vice President to marshal the federal investments in cancer research.  I am honored to serve on this task force on behalf of the NCI.  The President is also creating a blue ribbon panel, reporting to the NCI's National Cancer Advisory Board, which will advise on the scientific opportunities to accelerate progress against cancer.  While these formal steps to engage the cancer community are being pursued and as the initiative develops, we will also look to our advisory boards, the NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, our grantees, the cancer research advocacy community, patients, and caregivers for ideas, feedback, and guidance.  As I have mentioned previously, I will continue to update you on events related to the Vice President's Initiative.  I also invite you to visit the Vice President's Cancer Initiative page on, where you can sign up to receive updates by email. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the NCI during this exciting time for cancer research.  We are seeing advances in technology and clinical care that are producing results that could not have been imagined even a decade ago.  The advances are occurring because of the talent and dedication of the research community, together with the development of new interventions, and the active participation of advocates, patients, and other key stakeholders.  While we do not know what next year's budget will hold, we do know that each of you will strive to make the most of every opportunity.  Thank you for all that you do each day to make this possible.