Recommended Reading: Status of Cancer Care at Network Sites of the Nation’s Academic Cancer Centers

Led by cancer center directors and chief medical officers, the American Association of Cancer Institutes (AACI) initiated a mixed-methods survey of the status of cancer care across cancer center networks, results of which have been recently published in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The survey sought to document care coordination and identify opportunities to improve geographically dispersed care as cancer care coordination across major academic medical centers and their networks is evolving rapidly.

Portrait of Stan Gerson in dark suit with light colored tie

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Stan Gerson, MD is lead author of the publication. Noting it is premature to draw firm conclusions, researchers found the data to reveal "academic cancer centers have extensive involvement in network cancer care, often extending into rural communities" and stated that patient outcomes are likely to be improved by coordinating care through improved clinical trial access and greater use of patient navigation, care paths, coordinated EMRs and quality measures.

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