Time to Prep for VeloSano 5!

We are already preparing for VeloSano 5 - an annual bike ride dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. I hope you will join us for the ride on July 21-22!

All of the funds raised through VeloSano support cancer research. This event has quickly grown into the largest fundraising event for cancer research across Cleveland, and benefits the research programs of the Case CCC.

In 2017 alone VeloSano raised nearly $4.2M, and since 2014 raised over $12.5M that supported more than 40 research projects that would otherwise never happened - in cancer pathway discovery, finding and testing new anti-cancer drugs, anti-cancer cell therapy, and focused research into the causes and treatment of breast, prostate, brain and colon cancers and leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Last year, Cancer Center members, friends, family and supporters joined Team Case CCC - making it one of the largest. Our team raised about $100,000 and I want to double that amount this year.

Getting involved is easy. Your help and support is appreciated:

  • Join Team Case CCC as a rider from the 12 to 200-mile level. I will be on the 100-mile route and look forward to riding with you!
  • Raise funds as a virtual rider on Team Case CCC by signing up and supporting all of us!
  • Join as a volunteer to help before and during the ride to keep us on track, hydrated and cheered on!
  • Come to team events: Happy Hours are held the 2nd Friday of the month. Come tomorrow (April 13) from 4-6 at The Jolly Scholar and say hello to Team Case CCC Captains Caroline and Mary. Also, save June 29 for Team Case CCC's annual fundraising event.  

It all matters - big time. With your help we have cancer research covered and can accelerate the path to finding cures.

Please set aside a small bit of time to participate and help us fundraise across the community and the nation.

This is an important cause. We have incredible momentum but just started climbing that hill - let's keep moving!