Top TEN reasons to attend the annual scientific retreat

The Annual Cancer Center Scientific Retreat is next week, July 22-23, and we encourage you to attend! 

  1. Hear TED-style Talks from Cleveland leaders: Diana Bilimoria, PhD, Serpil Erzurum, MD and Dan Spratt, MD. These talks are always insightful and a great way to set the tone for the retreat! They are open to the public and address a range of hot topics from academic development to life challenges, so please invite your friends to tune in. 
  2. Our keynote speaker is world-renowned physician-scientist Zihai Li, MD, PhD! He's Founding Director, Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology and the Klotz Chair in Cancer Research for THE Ohio State University. We guarantee his talk will be nothing short of phenomenal. 
  3. Top abstract submitters will present platform presentations during each session: therapeutic translation, immune-oncology, local/global risks, and epigenetics/genetics. These presentations are a departure from past years' format and an innovative way to feature rising stars. 
  4. Sessions will be moderated by researchers AND members of our Community Advisory Board. This is the first year we have done this, and we are eager to find ways to share our research with the community. 
  5. Your program will have a lunchtime breakout and we need you there to provide feedback! All members will join lunchtime program breakout meetings on Friday. These meetings are an opportunity for you to give feedback on specific aims, research opportunities and pilot funds. Please attend and participate! 
  6. It’s an opportunity to support the next generation of researchers (trainees and fellows). Thursday's agenda will end with the poster session highlighting student and trainee research. We hope you will "stop on by" the posters, ask questions and show your support for their efforts. We are looking for about 20 judges for the poster session. Judges will work in pairs during the zoom poster session to judge about 7-8 posters. Email Damian Junk ( for more information or to volunteer.
  7. It’s your chance to celebrate the past year's successes and gain insight into our Center's future directions. Our esteemed leader, Stan Gerson, MD, will deliver two talks to encompass the past year’s accomplishments, introduce new center members and discuss future strategic directions. 
  8. It's a rare opportunity when the Center gathers together as a whole. The programs meet individually (more on that in a minute), but this is one of the few times that all programs get together with staff and trainees as a whole to talk about research advances and strategic topics. 
  9. It's all ONLINE! The event is virtual, so you can tune in from anywhere, making it convenient to log on and stay engaged. Participants also have the option to download the event app, Whova, to view the event. 
  10. We worked really hard planning this event for the past six months and want to see you all there! 

Last, we are still in need of volunteers to judge the poster presentations. Please reach out to us if you are interested in helping with this. 

Please register and encourage your colleagues to join us as well. See you all next week at the retreat! 

Alex Huang, MD, PhD and Lily Wang, PhD
2021 Case CCC Annual Retreat Planning Committee Co-Chairs