VeloSano 3

7 am Saturday morning saw the 100 and 200+ mile Velosano bikers head off with the cheers of friends and leaders - I saw Brian Bolwell safely behind the roadside barrier smiling, arms raised.

The day was perfect for riders - cool, with a short thunderstorm on the way in and a relaxing scenic route through Geauga County or down through Stark to Wooster (Lyric Opera anyone?). Both courses were well marked and wonderful.

There was talk of the presidential run but not the senatorial race, even with one Ohio Senator on the ride, and a few loyal friends flew in.

Many had the "cause" stuck to their jerseys, a call-out to family, friends or patients they have helped traverse the maze of cancer diagnosis, treatment and fate.  We all know that cancer research and delivering those discoveries to patients and community is a high calling and the top priority. That is why the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is honored to participate.

While I was glad to cheer on the 200+ milers on their return (from behind the roadside barrier - I have my endurance limits), riders at every level helped this year's larger and more successful VeloSano ride and fundraising effort achieve greater recognition as an amazing event.

Hats off to Stewart Kohl for his vision and incredible support, and to the Cleveland Clinic for making it run like clockwork, seamless and appearing effortless despite the volunteer efforts of a cast of thousands and innumerable hours of careful preparation. 

For those who missed- no excuse not to join in next year! I will be looking for you in a VeloSano jersey!