Calvin I. Tornes, MSIE

Community Navigator
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Calvin I. Tornes, an accomplished professional, became an integral member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center in January 2023. In his capacity as a community navigator, Tornes is dedicated to cultivating positive community relationships and assumes a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge and relatability to the community at large.

Possessing a Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Boler College of Business at John Carroll University, Tornes brings to his professional endeavors a distinctive fusion of business acumen and a fervent commitment to community advancement. Rooted in his academic background, he demonstrates a strategic acuity and a proclivity for profound critical thinking, enabling him to adeptly address challenges inherent to community-centric initiatives.

Tornes' dedication extends beyond the realms of education and research, as he actively interfaces with community constituents, he aspires to endow individuals with knowledge and facilitate access to tools imperative for early intervention. His collaborative nature is emblematic of his adherence to principles of servant leadership and community fortification, manifesting a resolute commitment to effecting positive change in the lives of those under his purview.