Cheng Lu, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Case School of Engineering
Cancer Imaging Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Information

Research Interests

Dr Lu’s research interests are on 1) developing novel quantitative histomorphometrics for identifying sub-visual image features from routine H&E tissue images of tumors; and 2) correlating and integrating morphologic and molecular measurements of tumor heterogeneity to help improved decision support tools for better risk stratification and therapy management of patients with breast, head & neck, and lung cancers. These new approaches will not only provide opportunities to rapidly expand the existing approaches, but also help to forge new directions in the development of domain inspired quantitative histomorphometrics for predicting disease heterogeneity, aggressiveness and outcome.


  • Cheng Lu, David Romo-Bucheli, Xiangxue Wang, Andrew Janowczyk, Shridar Ganesan, Hannah Gilmore, David Rimm, and Anant Madabhushi. “Nuclear Shape and Orientation Features from H&E Images Predict Survival in Early Stage Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+) Breast Cancers”, Laboratory Investigation. 2018 Nov;98(11):1438-1448.
  • Cheng Lu, James S. Lewis Jr.*, William D. Dupont, W. Dale Plummer Jr., Andrew Janowczyk, Anant Madabhushi*, “An Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma Quantitative Histomorphometric-Based Image Classifier (OHbIC) of Nuclear Morphology Can Risk Stratify Patients for Disease Specific Survival”, Modern Pathology. 2017 Aug 4. doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2017.98.
  • Cheng Lu, and Mrinal Mandal. “Automated analysis and diagnosis of skin melanoma on whole slide histopathological images”, Pattern Recognition, Volume 48, June 2015, P. 2738-2750.