Damian Junk, PhD

Assistant Director of Cancer Training & Education
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Damian Junk is a PhD scientist trained in Cancer Biology with extensive cancer-focused pre- and post-doctoral experience. As Assistant Director of Cancer Training and Education, he initiates, develops, directs, and evaluates cancer training and education programs to enhance the experience of all Case Comprehensive Cancer Center trainees.

Dr. Junk acts as a liaison between Case CCC leadership and all trainees to advocate for an excellent trainee experience. He develops, coordinates, supports, and implements curriculum planning and development activities across cancer training programs, assuring that appropriate evaluation systems are in place and functioning. This includes establishing and directing formalized mentoring and career development programs. Working closely with the scientific leadership of the Case CCC through regular meetings of the programs ensures that training and education activities are integrated into specific research initiatives, particularly those that are relevant to catchment area needs.

Dr. Junk assists with institution-wide efforts to increase diversity of applicant pools by developing and implementing approaches for recruiting trainees from minority and other underserved populations. As a former trainee, he uniquely understands the desires and needs of current trainees that will lead to a successful career in research science.