Jonathan Shoag, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Urology
School of Medicine
Population and Cancer Prevention Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Jonathan Shoag is a board-eligible urologist-scientist specializing in the study, diagnosis and surgical treatment of prostate cancer. This work aims to discover new therapies and biology for prostate cancer. More broadly, Dr. Shoag is interested in using large-scale clinical and genomic data to understand prostate cancer.

Research Information

Research Interests

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the United States. Remarkably, work over the past decade has demonstrated that even the worst prostate cancers are dependent on the same signaling pathways that govern normal prostate behavior. My objective is to identify drugs that have activity against the normal prostate and can be used to understand and treat prostate cancer by applying novel statistical and machine learning approaches to largescale clinical data. I then test these therapies in genetically engineered and patient-derived prostate cancer models. The goal of this work is to aid in understanding prostate cancer biology and rapidly benefit patients with advanced disease.

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University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center


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