Matthew Grabowski, MD

Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center
Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute
Developmental Therapeutics Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

I am estabilshing myself as an academic surgeon-scientist within the field of neuro-oncology at the Cleveland Clinic. My research focuses on investigating the immunological mechanisms that promote formation, progression, and resistance to therapy of gliomas and brain metastases. I have also leveraged my research training and clinical experience with different neurosurgical technologies, such as stereotactic radiosurgery, focused ultrasound and laser ablation, to be an integral part of writing, carrying out, and/or publishing a number of clinical trials during my time at Cleveland Clinic and Duke University (e.g. NCT02669173, NCT04545177, NCT05124912). Since transitioning into practice, I intend to participate and act as site PI in multicenter trials (e.g. NCT05370508), and use my laboratory to perform correlative studies to gain insight into the mechanisms of treatment response/failure.