Rekha Kota

Clinical Research Database Coordinator
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Rekha joined the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center in August 2023. Her role entails the monitoring and management of pivotal duties associated with the oversight and administration of critical functions pertaining to the OnCore™ management system,, and the National Cancer Institute's Clinical Trial Reporting Program (CTRP). As part of her role, she encompasses stringent quality control protocols aimed at ensuring the utmost precision and currency of data, while steadfastly upholding the highest standards of accuracy.

Rekha obtained her international Bachelor's in Microbiology from India and holds certification as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) from the CRA Academy in California. Her career trajectory took shape in leadership positions within diagnostic laboratories in Ohio, where her passion for clinical research was sparked. During this time, she assumed a pivotal role in the establishment and development of Microbiology departments within various institutions, all while managing the full range of day-to-day operational responsibilities.