Scott Cameron, MD, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor
Molecular Oncology Program
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
Molecular Oncology Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

I am an investigator who studies the adaptive platelet phenotype in cardiovascular disease. My PhD and two postdoctoral fellowships involved studying the MAPK family member ERK5 as a master regulator of myocardial function and then in platelet dysfunction in murine models of thrombosis and MI (JBC 2003, Circulation 2015, ATVB 2018, Translational Research 2018). I transitioned to a fully independent program in translational platelet biology and thrombosis at the Cleveland Clinic in 2019 where I built upon our foundation that platelet ERK5 activation promotes MI and that platelet responses in health and at the time of MI are both PAR1 and NO-mediated in a sex-dependent manner (ATVB 2021, JACC-BTS 2022). We were the first group to clone and characterize an ectopic GPCR belonging to the olfactory receptor family on platelets, showing it to be a target preventing thrombosis as well as platelet-derived mediators of abdominal aortic aneurysm growth (JCI, 2022). For the last two years, my lab has committed to studying diseases with unknown mechanism affecting women, including early AAA rupture, lipedema, and fibromuscular dysplasia. I direct the Vascular Lab Resource (VLR) at Cleveland Clinic which affords me access to imaging and clinical data as well as tissue from patients with vascular disease, and I am the Clinical Biochemistry Director of the Preventive Research laboratory (presently with > 250 AAA patient samples banked) which oversees a team of technologists performing complex high throughput screens. I have 8 years of experience mentoring graduate students, medical students, fellows, and residents (several of whom are from under-represented groups in STEM) who have won prestigious research awards.