Translational Research

Services and Technologies

List of Services

  • Consultation on design and implementation of Correlative Studies for Clinical Trials
  • Sample Handling (receiving, tracking, storage, distribution)
  • Sample Processing (blood, tissue and paraffin block processing)
    • Routine Blood Processing (PBMC, serum, or plasma isolation)
    • DNA, RNA, protein extraction
    • Flow or laser scanning cytometry staining
  • Lab Analysis
    • Standard ELISAs (Fluorescent or Luminescent platforms)
    • MSD Multiplex Analysis (Mesoscale Electrochemiluminescence platform)
    • Comet assays
  • Preclinical Drug Testing
    • Single or multiple agent cytotoxicity (MTT or DNA content assays)
    • Multiple agent analysis (Synergy analysis)
    • Other single or multiple agent assays (e.g., flow cytometry)
    • Cell Line verification (STR analysis)
    • Mycoplasma testing
  • Pharmacokinetic assay performance
    • Quantitative measurement of drugs, metabolites, and other small molecules
    • Pharmacokinetic data analysis

Translational Research Laboratory Resources

  • Mesoscale (MSD) SECTOR® Imager 2400 multiplex analyzer
  • Maxwell 16 research system (automated DNA/RNA isolation)
  • Nanodrop 2.0 spectrophotometer
  • Leica phase contrast inverted microscope
  • Comet analysis electrophoresis system & Komet version 5.5 analysis Software
  • Refrigerated centrifuges & microcentrifuges
  • -70 C Freezers with integrated alarm systems
  • Laminar flow hoods and CO2 Tissue Culture Incubators

Pharmacology Laboratory Resources

  • Applied Biosystems API 3200 triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer
  • Shimadzu LC-20 series HPLC system
  • SPD-M20A photodiode array/RF-10AxL fluorescence detectors
  • SIL-20AC refrigerated autosampler
  • Agilent 6540 accurate-mass quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer
  • Agilent 1290 ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) system
  • Photodiode array (PDA) detector
  • Equipment for biological sample preparation and storage
  • Computers and data storage devices
  • Software for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses


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Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Cancer Center Shared Resources in your research papers and publications: 
"This research was supported by the Translational Research Shared Resource of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30 CA43703)."

Contact for Information

Seidman Cancer Center Director John J. Pink, PhD
Cleveland Clinic Site Director Daniel J. Lindner, MD, PhD
Operations Director Paul Hartman, MS
Seidman Cancer Center Manager Erin Hohler
Seidman Cancer Center 3608
fax 216.983.0815
Cleveland Clinic Site Manager Marcella Mance
Taussig Cancer Institute R4-054
Preclinical Drug Development and Testing Laboratory Manager Rebecca Fuller
Wolstein Research Building 3-503