Campus Vaccine Clinic No Longer Accepting Visitors

To the Case Western Reserve Community:

While we are delighted that so many of you want to get your vaccine and/or booster doses today, your numbers have far outstripped the clinic’s capacity. We cannot accept any more vaccine visits today.

Starting Monday, Jan. 3, the vaccine clinic will be located in Adelbert Gym, a space several times larger than the current location. As a result, the staff will be able to administer many more vaccines at a time, markedly reducing wait times. In addition, you can make an appointment now at

We apologize for this inconvenience, but can assure you of a much faster and more pleasant experience when you come to Adelbert Gym in the first week of January.

Thank you for your understanding and please have a good winter break.

Megan Koeth
Executive Director, Department of Resiliency