For Graduate/Professional Students: Updating Our Plans for the Spring Semester

To Our Graduate and Professional Students:

We write today to update you regarding how Case Western Reserve will adapt to omicron’s impact in the first weeks of the new year. 

Our undergraduates living in campus housing will move in as scheduled in early January, but for the first two weeks of the semester most of their courses will be delivered remotely. Some courses—for example, those involving labs, clinical experiences and performance—are likely to continue in person. By allowing faculty to focus on a single mode of instruction, we allow them to do their best teaching—and, we believe, reduce the likelihood of higher infection rates when we do return to in-person classes. 

Your respective schools and/or departments will update you directly regarding possible changes to your educational programs. Please be patient with them, however, as we only finalized decisions regarding undergraduates today. Rest assured, they will update you as soon as they can.

By now, you are well familiar with the booster requirement we announced last week. In addition, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test each week for three weeks, wear masks indoors, and refrain from social gatherings for at least two weeks.

Finally, research activities will continue as usual, and staff are expected to be on campus full time unless their unit has an approved hybrid work plan.

We have posted a Spring Semester FAQ page, and will update it next week as additional information becomes available.

Unless infection rates remain exceptionally high, remote teaching for in-person courses should not extend beyond the first two weeks of the semester, and our goal is that testing and other data will allow undergraduates to return to in-person classes even sooner. Part of our ability to do so depends on everyone’s compliance with prevention protocols; based on prior experience, we have high hopes.

With best wishes for the rest of your winter break,

Eric W. Kaler

Ben Vinson III