For the Halloween Weekend...

To Our Students:

We write today first to thank you: Over the past month you have managed to keep your weekly COVID-19 case counts in the single digits—and consistently post the highest vaccination rates among groups on campus.

This week, however, we have seen student case numbers climbing—not a precipitous amount, but certainly at a rate higher than recent weeks. With the weekend ahead—and a Halloween weekend, no less—we wanted to reiterate the critical importance of caution.

By now, you all know well the best steps to take to minimize risk: 

  • wear a mask indoors when not alone;
  • wash your hands or sanitizer them frequently; and
  • maintain physical distance from others when outside without a mask.

You also know the consequences of even a mild infection: 

  • 10 days of isolation for you;
  • potential to have spread to others around you; and
  • seven days of quarantine for unvaccinated individuals in close contact with you.

None of these reminders are to say you should not enjoy this Halloween weekend. We’re simply asking that you take the steps necessary to stay safe—for your own sake, and for those around you. 

With gratitude for your great efforts to date,

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs

Sara Lee, MD
Executive Director, University Health and Counseling Services