Visitor Policy

Residence Halls and Greek Houses

In times of social distancing, pandemic precautions and limitations on public spaces, rooms and common spaces in university housing serve as private or semi-private spaces available to residential students. This makes limiting exposure to non-residents an important goal. In a pandemic, residents should be able to expect that these buildings’ occupancy at any given time is limited to only those whose presence is necessary.

The following guidelines are meant to help keep university housing safe, keep our residents healthy and keep our students here:

  • Only residents of a building and approved university support personnel may be present in a residential building. Exceptions must be approved by the university in writing. We encourage residents to meet with friends and family in nearby outdoor venues, in public spaces or in other places where they can practice appropriate social distancing and masking.
  • Electronic and key access to each building will be limited to residents and to university support personnel. Students who need to visit an office in a residential community should arrange entry procedures  in advance with the staff of the office.
  • Residents should not be inside bedrooms, suites or apartments to which they are not assigned. Residents of the same building may only gather in common area spaces and must follow all occupancy, masking and social distancing requirements. 
  • Overnight visitors are prohibited. Overnight visitors pose a particular risk for exposure due to the longevity of the stay and the shared use of bathroom facilities. 
  • Students who enter a residential building in which they do not reside without university permission will be subject to action through the student conduct process. Residents who host unapproved non-resident visitors also will be reviewed through the student conduct process.

We look forward to a time when more community sharing is safer and more responsible for our community. Until then, this policy will help lower exposure risk for everyone in communal residential buildings.

Academic and Administrative Buildings

The university is prohibiting visitors to academic and administrative buildings except as expressly authorized by a school/college or the university. 

Base Requirements

  • Academic and administrative buildings are key card access only.
  • A visitor will not be permitted access to the academic or administrative buildings unless they are wearing a face mask.
  • A visitor’s activities will be consistent with the university’s physical distancing and sanitization policies.
  • There are unique requirements for some schools and colleges, which will be managed by each Dean’s Office