Fall 2022 Campus COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Required

All members of the campus community must comply with university policies regarding full COVID-19 vaccination—including booster doses when eligible.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Members of the campus community should continue to watch for COVID-19 symptoms. Those experiencing them should remain in their residence halls or homes.

Students should contact University Health & Counseling Services at 216.368.2450 or send a secure message through myhealthconnect.case.edu). Faculty and staff with symptoms should contact their primary care providers for medical advice; they also should contact University Health and Counseling Services for guidance about returning to campus (and to arrange testing if needed).


Case Western Reserve continues to require masking on university shuttles and Safe Ride vehicles, as well as in clinical patient-care settings. Masks are not required elsewhere on campus, including classrooms.

Meanwhile, the university strongly encourages the use of high-quality, well-fitting face masks (such as N95s, KN95s, KF94s, and FFP2s) to reduce transmission risk in crowded settings, or for individuals who are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Proper use of a N95 respirator/mask greatly reduces infection risks, adding to the protections afforded by up-to-date vaccinations.

Members of the campus community can secure such masks by contacting the Office of Procurement at customercareteam-pds@case.edu

All Travel

At this time, members of the campus community need only secure approvals from those units or offices that typically review university-sponsored travel; no university restrictions exist for personal travel. That said, we do recommend that  individuals consult and adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for both international and domestic travel.

International University-Sponsored Travel

All faculty, staff and students traveling abroad for university-related activities must register with the Center for International Affairs to ensure they receive specific institutional support and benefits.

Study Abroad

Students considering academic travel outside the U.S. should contact the Center for International Affairs.


Food may be served at university events; grab-and-go options are no longer required. Those attending university events are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated, including booster if eligible—or, if a member of the campus community who is not vaccinated, to have a university accommodation.