Local Travel

Guidance for Local Travel During the Pandemic

As with every other activity at Case Western Reserve University, those taking transportation must remember the “Rules of the Road:"

  1. Complete your daily health assessment.
  2. Wear face masks inside (unless alone in a room with a closed door) and, if you're not fully vaccinated and can't maintain physical distance, outside.
  3. Practice enhanced hand hygiene.
  4. Adhere to cleaning protocols and use cleaning supplies provided in all areas.
  5. Follow testing/tracing/isolation protocols.
  6. Acknowledge that the campus community is all in this together.

Transportation is integral to many course and extracurricular activities. This ranges from the use of public transportation to Safe Ride to shared rides in private vehicles that take students to the Farm, field experiences, field trips, clinical requirements, and general locations around Cleveland.

For ALL transportation options, per the above “Rules of the Road,” masks must be worn and transportation should not be taken if any COVID symptoms exist. In addition, everyone must recognize the need to build in appropriate travel time, as it may take longer than in typical times because of reduced capacity on the vehicles.

This applies to all undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as faculty and staff who are participating in CWRU-sponsored or CWRU-related activities.

Please follow the CDC guidance on safely managing transportation options—particularly:

  • Before you leave, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Once you reach your destination, wash your hands again with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as soon as possible upon arrival.

Specific protocols and guidance for the unique transportation modes

Note: Regular costs of such transportation and payment methods still remain, so please use established policies and procedures in terms of such payment. 

Shuttles (e.g. Safe Ride, "Greenies," HEC Transportation)

Masks must always be worn when in campus transportation vehicles. Each vehicle/shuttle has posted the number of riders allowed, and drivers are instructed to allow no more than the stated maximum. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Refer to the Access Services site for the timing and location of campus shuttles.

RTA/Public Transportation

Students, faculty and staff are discouraged from using public transportation, but when this is required to reach course-related required activities, they must wear mask and practice social distance protocols of 6 feet or more. Do not board a bus or train if capacity is over limit and social distancing is not being followed.

External Partner Vehicles (e.g. Shima Transportation)

Many classes and programs use contract services to transport students. This is still allowed as long as those companies require masks and post notices of limited capacity in vehicles.

Personal Vehicles

We recognize that many students have vehicles and use them to travel to field experiences or field trips. During the pandemic, students may only include one additional person in their vehicles, and both must wear masks.

Farm Shuttle

The Farm bus will only be used to transport students to and from credit-bearing courses held at the Farm. (Please note: The University Farm is closed other than for class/research.) Standard Parking operates the bus, and will have in place the same protocol they’ll use for all campus shuttles (wearing of masks, physical-distancing stickers placed on every other seat, and capacity listed on the outside of each shuttle).

To reserve the bus, reservation requests must be made at least five business days before the event date. To check availability or make a reservation request, please email information (group name/dates/times/number of riders/etc.) to farm@case.edu if your credit-bearing course is looking for round-trip transportation from campus to the University Farm.