Spring 2022 Campus COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster

(Jan. 3, 2022) All members of the university community are expected to participate in the vaccine and booster verification processes detailed in our July 15 and Dec. 21 messages. Please note: ‘fully vaccinated’ now means an individual has received the final dose of the original COVID-19 vaccine and, if eligible for a booster, received it as well. 

COVID-19 Symptoms

(Jan. 3, 2022) If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, remain home or in your residence hall. Even fully vaccinated and boosted individuals can contract COVID-19—and also transmit it to others. Students with symptoms should contact University Health and Counseling Services (216.368.2450); faculty and staff with symptoms should contact their primary care providers.

COVID-19 Spring Semester Entry Testing 

(Jan. 3, 2022) All faculty, staff, and students must receive a COVID-19 test within three days of coming to campus. Undergraduates must receive a COVID-19 test each week for three consecutive weeks, while graduate and professional students must take a test each week for two weeks. Faculty and staff must receive a test each week for two consecutive weeks. The initial test taken on campus does count as one of the required weekly tests.

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing 

(Jan. 3, 2022) Students living on campus as well as faculty, staff and students with approved exemptions from vaccination and booster doses must take part in regular surveillance testing. Students who live off campus, as well as faculty and staff, may take part in voluntary testing. See the latest testing requirements and schedules. 

Masks: General Guidance

(Jan. 3, 2022) Everyone on campus must wear masks indoors, except when alone in a campus workspace—or, for students living on campus, in their residence hall room (alone or with roommates). Masks may be removed indoors when dining, but we strongly encourage you to (a) put the mask back on whenever not actively eating or drinking; (b) maintain social distance from others during the meal; and (c) eat outdoors whenever possible. Masks are not required outdoors except when individuals are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance from one another.

Masks: While Teaching

(Jan. 3, 2022) All faculty and staff must wear masks to teach in-person classes while most courses are remote at the beginning of the semester. Get guidance from faculty member Lauren Calandruccio, who specializes in auditory perception, for teaching while masked.

Domestic Travel, Testing & Quarantines

(Jan. 3, 2022) For fully vaccinated and boosted individuals (i.e., those who have received the final doses of their COVID-19 vaccine and their booster dose, if eligible), pre-approval is not needed for either university-sponsored OR personal travel within the U.S. Vaccinated individuals do not have to participate in a COVID-19 test or quarantine upon their return from other states. 

For unvaccinated individuals (including those who have received vaccinations but not their booster doses even though eligible), pre-approval is not needed for either university-sponsored OR personal travel within the U.S. However, per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unvaccinated individuals must participate in a COVID-19 test AND quarantine for seven days upon their return from other states (even if the test is negative). If they do not participate in a COVID-19 test, they must quarantine for 10 days upon their return.

International Travel, Testing & Quarantines

(Jan. 3, 2022) Case Western Reserve no longer requires COVID-related approval for university-sponsored OR personal international travel, for vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals. In both cases however, vaccinated individuals must participate in COVID-19 testing upon their return. Those who are unvaccinated also must quarantine for seven days (even if the test is negative)—or, in the absence of a COVID-19 test, 10 days.

Study Abroad

(Jan. 3, 2022) Requests involving such programs should be directed to the Center for International Affairs.


(Jan. 3, 2022) Visitors may come to campus but must comply with university policies—including policies relating to COVID-19—while here. Visitors may not stay on campus overnight.


(Dec. 21, 2021) Only those who are vaccinated and boosted should attend events; they also should wear masks at all times unless outdoors and at least six feet away from others.

Until at least Jan. 24, all university events—on- or off-campus—that involve 10 or more people must be pre-approved by the university’s COVID-19 Operations Team. Please complete the form that best reflects your primary role on campus.