Index to Policy Manual

Absence, I-8, I-9, -9a, IV-8, -8a , IV-9, IV-10, IV-11, -11a,
Absenteeism, excessive, I-9, -9a, III-3, -3a
Access to files, II-15, -15a
Accidents, I-6, -6a
Additional Compensation, II-14a, IV-2, -2a, IV-3, -3a
Adoption Leave, IV-13
Advertising, II-6
Affirmative Action, I-1
Alcohol-Free Workplace, I-7
Alternative Work Arrangementments, II-3, -3a
Applicant Testing, II-8
Amenities on Campus, IV-12
Attendance I-9, I-9a, III-3, -3a

Benefit Categories. Section IV
Benefits, IV-4
  change of status, II-15a
  orientation, II-10
  termination, II-12, II-14a
Benelect Change of Status Form II-15a
Bloodborne Pathogens, II-8, II-8a
Bereavement, IV-9, IV-10

Campus Amenities, IV-12
CASEworks, II-3, 3a
Change of Personal Information Form, II-15a
Citizenship, Residency or Work Visa, II-7
Clerical Review Form, III-2a
COBRA, II-12, -12a
Communications, I-2
Compensation. See Staff Salary Plan
Compensation Philosophy, IV-1
Compressed Workweeks, II-3, 3a
Computing Ethics, I-4
  confidentiality, I-12
  employee records, II-15, -15a
  ethics, I-4
  violation or misuse of confidential information, III-3
Conflict of Interest, I-3, -3a
Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Form, I-3a
Consultants. See Independent Contractors
Consensual Relationships, I-10
Continuation of Benefits Form, II-12a
Convenience Leave, IV-11, IV-11a
Corrective Action, III-3, -3a
Criminal Background Check, II-8
Curriculum Vitae/Resume, II-8

Death in Family. See Bereavement
Death of Employee, II-12, -12a
Decor, I-7
Disability / Disabled Veterans, I-1
Disability Insurance, IV-4
Disability. See Leave of Absence
Disciplinary Action, See Corrective Action, III-3, -3a
Dismissal. See Termination
Diversity Awareness, I-7
Dress Requirements, I-7
Driver's License, II-8
Drug-Free Workplace, I-7

EAP. See Employee Assistance Program
Emergency/Other Closings, II-13, -13a, II-18
Emergency Preparedness, II-18
Employee Assistance Program, V-1
Employee Change of Personal Information Form, II-15a
Employee Classification and Employment Status, II-1, II-16
Employee Recognition, III-5
Employee Records, II-15,-15a
Employee Resource Center, III-4
Employee Responsibility, I-2
Employee Termination Checklist, II-12a
  agencies, II-9
  alternative work arrangements, II-3, 3a
  candidate log, II-6a
  decision, II-4
  former employees, II-11
  internal employment opportunities, III-1, -1a
  disabled/disabled veterans, I-1
  of relatives/friends, I-5
  offer of, II-4, II-6a
  physicals, II-8
  planning and responsibility, II-6, -6a, -6b
  recruiting, II-6a
  references, II-7
  requisition forms, II-6a, II-9a
  status and changes in status, II-1, II-6, II-16
  temporary employment, II-9, -9a
  term employees, II-1, II-16
  termination, II-12, -12a
  verifications (employment/credentials), II-6a, II-8, V-2
  Vietnam Era Veterans, I-1
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), I-1, -1a
Equity Increase, IV-3
Ethics, I-4 (See also Conflict of Interest)
Executive Staff, II-1
Exempt Staff
  benefits category, See Section IV
  additional pay, IV-2, -2a
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, II-14a
  university closings for holidays, II-13, II-13a
Expectations, I-2
Exit Interview, II-12, -12a
Exposure to Human Bloodborne Pathogens, II-8a
Extra Compensation, II-14, IV-2, -2a, IV-3, -3a

  benefits category, See Section IV
  classification and status, II-1
  employee records, II-15, -15a
  hiring, II-4
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, -14a
  temporary employment, II-9a
Fair Labor Standards Act, II-13, IV-2
Family Death. See Bereavement
Family Military Servicemember Leave, IV-8, -8a
FICA (Federal Income Contributions Act). See Social Security
File Access, II-15, -15a
FLSA.  See Fair Labor Standards Act
Flextime, II-3, 3a
Foreign Nationals. See Immigration
Former Employees, Re-employment, II-11
Fringe benefit allocation, II-6
  benefits category, See Section IV
  change in employment status, II-6
  classification and status, II-1
  employment orientation period, II-10
  holiday pay schedule, II-13
  payroll procedures, II-14, -14a

Garnishments/Tax Levies, II-14
Grievances, V-4, -4a
Group Life Insurance, IV-4

Handicapped. See Disabled
Health Insurance, IV-4
Hiring, II-4
Hiring authority, II-4
Hiring supervisor, II-4
Holiday Pay, II-13, -13a
Holiday Work, II-13, -13a
Holidays, University Closing for, II-13, -13a
Hours of Work, II-14

Illness Allowance. See Sick Days
Immigration, II-6a, -6b, II-7, II-9a
Inclusion, I-7
Independent Contractor, II-2
  disability, IV-4
  life, IV-4
  medical, IV-4
Internal Employment Opportunities, III-1
Internal Promotion/Transfer Request Form, III-1a
Internal Transfers, II-6, III-1, III-1a
Interviewing, II-6, -6a, II-9, III-1
Involuntary Termination, II-12, -12a

Job Description, II-6a
Job Posting, II-6
Job Sharing, II-3, 3a
Jury Duty, IV-11, -11a

Lay off, II-12, -12a
Leadership, I-5
Leaves of Absence (See also Sick Days )
  adoption, IV-13
  paid parental leave, IV-14
personal medical, family medical, parenting reasons, under FMLA, IV-8, -8a
  other leaves, IV-11, -11a
Licensing Requirements, II-8
Life Insurance, IV-4
Long-Term Disability Insurance, IV-4

Maintenance Review Form, III-2a
Managers Review Form, III-2a
Maternity. See Leaves of Absence for Personal Medical
Medical Examinations, II-8
Medical Information, II-15
Military Duty, IV-11, -11a
Minors, II-7
Motor Vehicle Licenses, II-8
Multiple Concurrent Jobs, II-3, 3a

Nepotism, I-4, I-13
Newspaper Advertising, II-6
Nonexempt staff
  benefits category, See Section IV
  overtime, IV-2, -2a
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, -14a
Non-Retaliation, I-11
Notice of Termination, II-12a

Orientation Period, II-10, -10a
Outside Work, I-3
Outplacement, II-6, II-12a
Overtime, IV-2, -2a

Paid Leave of Absence, IV-8, -8a, IV-9, IV-10, IV-11, -11a
Paid Parental Leave, IV-14
Parenting Leave of Absence under FMLA, IV-8, -8a
  adoption IV-13
Partial Work Year, II-3, 3a
  benefits category, See Section IV
  change in employment status, II-6
  status, II-1
  holiday pay schedule, II-13, -13a
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, -14a
  orientation period, II-10, -10a
Paternity. See Leaves of Absence for Personal Medical
Pay Calculation, II-14
Pay Days, II-14
Payroll Procedures, II-14, -14a
Payroll Withholding, II-14
Performance Management, III-2
Performance Mgmt. Salary Review Addendum, III-2a
Personal Holiday. See Vacation Days
Personal Leave of Absence, IV-11, -11a
Personal Privileges, I-7
Personnel Action Form, II-12a
Personnel Classifications. See Employee Classifications
Philosophy, i
Pets on Campus, I-7
Physical Examinations, II-8
Position Requirements, II-8
Positive Corrective Action, III-3, -3a

Pre-Employment Requirements, II-7
Pregnancy. See Leaves of Absence for Personal Medical
Procedures for New Employees, II-6a
Productivity, I-8
Professional Licenses, II-8
Professional Review Form, III-2a
Professionalism, I-7
Promotions, II-6, -6a, IV-3a

Records (Employee), II-15, II-15a
Recruiting, II-6, II-6a
Reduced Schedule, II-3, 3a
Re-employment, II-11
References, II-8, V-2
Related Individuals, I-4
Relationships, I-4, I-10, I-13
Religious Holidays. See Vacation Days
Relocation, II-6, II-6b
Reorganization, II-17, 17a
Research Assistants Review Form, III-2a
Resignation. See Termination
Rest Periods, II-14
Retirement. See Termination
Retirement Benefits, IV-1, IV-5
Retirement Planning, IV-5
Role Modeling, I-5
Rules of Conduct, I-4

Sabbatical Leave, IV-11, -11a
Safety and Security, I-6, -6a, V-6
  above range maximum, IV-3
  advances, V-5, -5a
  exceptions, IV-3
grade, II-6
  increases, IV-3, -3a
  offers, II-4
  review, IV-3
  structure, IV-3
Scheduling of Vacations, IV-6
Search Committee, II-5
Secretarial Review Form, III-2a
Security, I-6, -6a, V-6
Senior Staff
  benefits category, See Section IV
  classification and status, II-1
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, -14a
  orientation period, II-10, -10a
Service Employee Review Form, III-2a
Services, University. See Campus Amenities
Severance, II-6, -6a, II-12
Sexual Harassment, I-1, -1a, III-3
Sick Days
  benefits categories (0,1), IV-9
  benefits categories (2,3), IV-10
Sick Leave, IV-8, -8a
Smoke-Free Workplace, I-7
Social Security Coverage, II-6, II-9, IV-5
Solicitation, I-7
Spouse Relocation Assistance, II-6, -6a
Staff Employees
  benefits categories, See Section IV
  classification and status, II-1
  employee records, II-15, -15a
  executive, II-1
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, -14a
  orientation period, II-10, -10a
  senior, II-1
  temporary employment, II-9, -9a
Staff Grievance Appeal Committee, V-4, -4a
Staff Salary Plan, IV-3
Student Employees
  classification and status, II-1
  employee records, II-15, -15a
  pay days/payroll procedures, II-14, -14a
Summer Employment, II-1
Supervisor Review Form, III-2a

Tardiness, I-8, I-9, -9a, III-3, -3a
Tax Levies/Garnishments, II-14
Team Work, I-5
Technician Review Form, III-2a
Telecommuting, II-3, 3a
Temporary Agency Employees, II-9
Temporary Assignments, IV-3
Temporary Employee, II-9, II-9a
  classification and status, II-1, II-2
  holiday pay schedule, II-13, -13a
  pay day/payroll procedure, II-14, -14a
Term Employees, II-1, II-16
Termination of Employment, II-12, -12a
Termination of Benefits, II-12, -12a
Testing of Applicants, II-8
Title IX, I-1
Transfers, II-6, -6a, III-1, -1a
Tuition Reimbursement, IV-7, -7a
Tuition Waiver,IV-7, -7a

Vacation Days, IV-6
Vaccination, II-8, II-8a
Verification, Wage and Employment, V-3
Vietnam Era Veterans, I-1
Violence in the Workplace, I-6, -6a, III-3, -3a, V-6
Visas, II-7
Visitors, I-13
Voluntary Termination, II-12, -12a
Volunteers, II-2
Volunteer Release Form, II-2
Vouchers, Payroll, II-14a

Wage Ranges. See Salary Grade
Whistleblower Protection, I-11
Withholding From Pay, II-14
Workforce Coverage - Emergencies, II-18
Work Breaks, II-14
Work Environment, I-7
Work Hours, II-14
Work Outside the University, I-3
Work Permits, II-7
Work Week and Pay Systems, II-14, -14a
Worker's Compensation, I-6, -6a
Workplace Accommodations, I-1