The University Faculty is comprised of three different categories of faculty appointments; tenured or tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty, and special faculty

Case Western Reserve students

Case Western Reserve University is an energetic, intellectually stimulating place for faculty members to pursue their academic and professional goals. Case Western Reserve University is committed to ensuring the success of our faculty by creating a welcoming and inclusive climate. We invite you to make use of the available policies and resources that will assist you in achieving the highest standards of research and scholarship while maintaining a balanced personal life.

The Office of Faculty Diversity (OFD) is a resource for facilitation and information. The OFD, part of the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity, is home to the Faculty Diversity Officer and the Manager of Faculty Diversity and Development. The extensive OFD website contains information about

  • faculty policies such as pre-tenure extensions, parental leave, and partner hiring
  • university polices such as sexual harassment, consensual relationships and conflict of interest
  • work/life balance resources such as child care listings, employee discounts, local sports and fitness, and
  • career development such as seminars, workshops, and teaching resources

The Faculty Diversity Officer serves as a facilitator for addressing faculty diversity issues particularly relating to recruitment, employment, affirmative action and equal opportunity. The Officer reviews allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination, and facilitates other diversity issues related to faculty duties and may be contacted at 216.368.8877 or diversityofficer@case.edu

The Manager of Faculty Diversity and Development works with search committees to increase the diversity of the faculty candidate pools. The Manager leads the cultural competency session for new faculty, as well as conversa¬tional trainings about subtle bias, departmental climate change, communication skills, and meeting facilitation. Conflict mediation and individual coaching are also available. The Manager may be contacted at 216.368.5737 or facultydiversity@case.edu.