Professional Development Procedure

Issue Date: 06/03/2019
Related Policy: Professional Development
Revision History: N/A


To detail the steps necessary to provide employees with an opportunity to improve performance and meet standards of conduct.

Detailed Procedures

  1. Department Heads should set forth a shared vision and strategic goals to help guide and identify performance goals and professional development needs. Based upon the strategic goals, supervisors should then assess employee professional development needs for their entire department.
  2. Supervisors and employees should jointly discuss their professional development goals and review available opportunities that fit within the department operations. Discussions about an employee’s professional development goals may occur at any time during the performance review cycle as well as part of the Annual Performance Review.
  3. The supervisor and employee may jointly formulate an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to work collaboratively to build on the employee's effectiveness in performing the current university position and/or prepare the employee for future positions.
  4. Employees must request permission from their immediate supervisor for review and approval to attend the desired training and/or resource. Supervisors are responsible for approving or denying development requests of employees.
  5. Supervisors and Finance Officers should consider employee development in budgetary planning.
  6. Supervisors are encouraged to include a discussion of educational and development objectives in an employee’s Annual Performance Review, as appropriate.