Employment guidelines are an important part of the employer/employee relationship. Numerous federal, state, and local laws govern the employment process. In addition, the university has added steps to ensure the workforce is comprised of qualified, talented, and diverse employees who are willing to work in a mutually supportive manner. The university’s employment policies are designed to provide a fair and equitable process resulting in the appropriate match of an employee’s skills, knowledge, and experience with a given position's job requirements.

Table of Contents

  1. Employment At-Will
  2. Employee Classifications and Status
  3. Employment Decisions
  4. Search Committees
  5. Employment Planning and Responsibility
    1. Staff Employment Procedure
    2. Relocating New Employees Procedure
  6. Pre-employment Requirements
  7. Position Requirements
    1. Exposure to Human Bloodborne Pathogens Procedure
  8. Term Employment
  9. Employment Orientation Period
    1. Employment Orientation Period Procedure
  10. Non CWRU Employees (Independent Contractors, Volunteers, Interns, and Temporary Employees)
  11. Temporary Employment
    1. Temporary Employment Procedure
  12. Termination of Employment
    1. Termination of Employment Procedure
  13. Reorganization
    1. Reorganization Procedure
  14. Re-employment of Former Employees