Employee Development

The university achieves its goal of excellence through the performance of its employees. Therefore, every effort is made to communicate with employees about their performance on a regular basis. These policies are provided to set the stage for regular communication and feedback, as well as to identify opportunities for employees to pursue their own development. The policies are based on the belief that employees will develop and grow from positive and specific feedback about their performance. Performance that is not acceptable cannot be corrected without constructive comments and counseling for improvement. Further, employees whose performance and/or behaviors are unacceptable deserve communication to correct such deficiencies.

Table of Contents

  1. Internal Employment Promotional Opportunities
    1. Internal Employment Promotional Opportunities Procedure
  2. Annual Performance Review Process
    1. Annual Performance Review Process Procedure
  3. Positive Corrective Action (PCA)
    1. Positive Corrective Action (PCA) Procedure
  4. Employee Recognition
  5. Professional Development
    1. Professional Development Procedure
  6. Management Development