Building a Culture of Customer Service Series

To instill a culture of dynamic, innovative, and continuous dedication to customer service at CWRU, all new employees should take a four-course general CWRU customer service training offered under the umbrella for the Professional Development Center and led by the Human Resources Service Center Manager. 

Series 1: CWRU Customer Service Expectations

Series one focuses on staff individually delivering excellent customer service and would be required for all new staff. The four CWRU Customer Service Expectations classes are:

  1. Introduction to Customer Service. Key topics during the Introductory Course include What is Customer Service, Identifying Customers, Thinking Beyond the Possible in Customer Interactions, the PEOPLE Model, and Identifying Resources for Collegiality.
  2. Communicating Clearly 
  3. Handling Difficult Customers
  4. Balancing Expectations 

Series 2: CWRU Customer Service Supervisor Training

While Series 1 focuses on individual customer service, Series 2 is geared towards supervisors and focuses on how supervisors can advance this culture of continuous dedication to customer service at CWRU in their staff. We believe that training supervisors how to identify and incorporate customer service into their teams is essential for delivering exceptional customer experiences. The three (3) Customer Service Trainings for Supervisors classes are:

  1. Identifying Customer Service Opportunities
  2. Measuring Customer Service Success
  3. Incorporating Customer Service in Annual Reviews

New Employees in Orientation

CWRU Human Resources will enroll you within one (1) week of your employment start date. Please check your email inbox (or spam folder) for an invitation email from our course software program - Canvas. Offer letters will detail the responsibility to complete the Creating a Culture of Customer Service during orientation (e.g., within the first 3 months of employment).

Current or Promoted to Supervisor Employees

Email to request to enroll. In your email, include if you are a supervisor (or not) and your department. Beginning on April 1, 2024, requests will be completed within 48 hours.