Clearpath & SHED

Informatics Team

Jonathan Haines, PhD, Director
David Kaelber, MD, PhD, Co-Director


As an academic collaboration between Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic, and MetroHealth, the Institute for Computational Biology (ICB) uses the combined resources and expertise of these institutions to achieve its mission, to advance knowledge of human biology through computational methods on big and diverse datasets, and promote the translation of this knowledge into better diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prevention, and delivery. For this purpose, CLEARPATH (CLEveland Area Research Platform for Advancing Translational Healthcare) will facilitate discovery and research with tools for generating a person’s single synthetic electronic medical record, cohort discovery, and population health analytics.


The Safely Held Electronic Data Platform (SHED) provides OnCore® Enterprise Research, a data management tool allowing for longitudinal tracking of study subjects (including disease profiles and outcomes) and storage of versioned IRB protocols, subject consents, clinical findings (including images) and pedigree-formatted family data. LabmatrixTM provides the capability for complete biospecimen tracking (annotations, locations, chains of custody, barcodes), cell and cell lines annotation, and reporting (research-oriented + administrative). Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a framework for designing custom interactive applications tailored to the specific needs of a project. These three offerings together address a wide range of logistic support and data management tasks.