Research Interest


Cancer research in the Pathology department involves the diagnosis, progression and treatment of experimental and human cancer. Particular focuses include the many facets of cancer biology, including cancer pathology, cancer genetics, cell signaling, control of cell growth, tumor apoptosis, cancer pharmacology, cancer therapeutics, stem cell biology, cancer imaging, tumor immunology and cancer drug development.

Primary Faculty Secondary & Adjunct Faculty Faculty Trainers
Rose Beck Kevin Cooper Alex Almasan
Dawn Dawson Edward Greenfield Susann Brady-Kalnay
Mark Jackson Alex Huang David Danielpour
Greg MacLennan Alan Levine Clark Distelhorst
David Wald Jaroslaw Maciejewski Stanton Gerson
Joseph Willis Shigemi Matsuyama Ruth Keri
Wei Xin Keith McCrae John Letterio
Lan Zhou Alvin Schmaier Danny Manor
    Sanford Markowitz
    George Stark
    Zhenghe Wang 


Immunology research interests in the Pathology department cover a wide range of Immunology-related topics, spanning from basic research in areas such as innate immunity, T cell activation, tolerance, antigen processing and presentation, MHC function, complement, antibody structure and function, and mucosal immunity to research in clinically relevant models of infectious diseases, vaccine development, immunodeficiency, immunopathology, transplantation and autoimmunity.

Primary Secondary & Adjunct Faculty Faculty Trainers
Derek Abbott Donald Anthony, Jr. George Dubyak
Stanley Adoro Melvin Berger Robert Fairchild
Rose Beck Robert Bonomo James Finke
Brian Cobb W. Henry Boom Thomas Hamilton
Neil Greenspan David Canaday Michael Lederman
Clifford Harding Fabio Cominelli John Letterio
Ed Medof  Kevin Cooper Xiaoxia Li
Theresa Pizarro Amy Hise Booki Min
T. Sam Xiao Alex Huang Scott Sieg
Lan Zhou James Kazura George Stark
  Christopher King Peter Zimmerman
  Alan Levine  
  Eric Pearlman  
  Neal S. Rote  
  Carlos Subauste  
  Aaron Weinberg  


Neuropathology research interests in the Pathology department cover a wide range of topics, spanning prion disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, ALS, autism, and Fragile X with an emphasis on understanding the mechanism(s) underlying these diseases through cell and transgenic models with the goal providing novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.

Primary Faculty Secondary & Adjunct Faculty Emeritus Faculty
Shu Chen George Perry Steven Emancipator
Mark Cohen Michael Snape Yuang Huang
Pierluigi Gambetti   David R. Kaplan
Qingzhong Kong   John Nedrud
Raj Rolston    
Jiri Safar    
Neena Singh    
Man-Sun Sy    
Xiongwei Zhu    
Wen-quan Zou    


Other research interests in the Pathology department involve advance research in experimental Pathology and the molecular and cellular basis of disease. Particular focuses include the many facets of experimental pathology, including tissue injury and healing, necrosis, biomaterials biocompatibility, aging, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Primary Faculty Secondary & Adjunct Faculty Faculty Trainers
James Anderson Edward Greenfield Radhika Atit
Vincent Monnier Robert Petersen Paul L. Fox
Alan Tartakoff   Stanley Hazen
Nicholas Ziats   Danny Manor
    Roy L. Silverstein
    Jonathan Smith
    Witold K. Surewicz