Applied Functional Genomics Core


Mark Cameron

The Applied Functional Genomics Core (AFGC) partners with the CWRU Genomics Core to offer functional genomic study design and a highly standardized, top-to-bottom platform for conducting RNA isolation, library generation, Illumina-based RNA sequencing, and advanced bioinformatics on a wide variety of pre-clinical and clinical sample types. We provide workflows that are optimized for many difficult sample types, such as ultra-low input RNA isolation (biopsies, small cell numbers), single cell sequencing (10X Genomics Chromium X), spatial profiling (10 X Genomics Visium and Nanostring GeoMx) and our analysis tools can integrate multiple data types, whether clinical or functional, in the bioinformatics analysis to uncover biomarkers or correlates. Our advanced bioinformatics methods include pathway and network analysis, meta-analysis, and “Mixomics” for researchers who require a look at biology across very different studies, especially in correlation with immunophenotyping data.


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