Bioanalyte Core


Tracey Bonfield



David Fletcher


Assistant Manager

Evan Rudo

The Bioanalyte Core utilizes a variety of technologies both singular and multiplexing to facilitate the quantitative and qualitative analysis of bioanalytes. These biological mediators can include cytokines, proteases, lipid metabolites and more. Clinical end-points can also be measured as part of pre-clinical testing. Although the Core focused on quantitative analysis, the overall services include gene expression, transcriptional activation, secreted biological mediators and functional assays. The Core can also develop assays which are not currently commercially available, and run clinical samples through certification by the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology to fulfill CLIA based applications. The Core is interactive and works with investigators to assure the highest potential for their assay's success. Our services have been utilized for more than 20 years at an institutional, local and national level.

Equipment or Services:

Bioanalyte singular and multiplexing technology

Gene arrays

Flow cytometry

Cell based functional assays

Transcriptional arrays.


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Biomedical Research Building (BRB), Room 822