Light Microscopy and Imaging


Michael Jenkins, Ph.D.

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Operations Manager
He (Andy) Liu, PhD



The Light Microscopy Imaging Core Facilities at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) campus provides a wide range of imaging services tailored to meet the needs of the research community. Our mission is to empower science and enable discovery, unveiling the invisible with our imaging-based platforms. 

Our impressive lineup of instruments caters to a wide spectrum of imaging needs, from foundational widefield imaging to intricate spatial and temporal resolution studies of cells, tissues, and organisms, both fixed and alive. Our facility offers a diverse array of techniques to support the intricate needs in research:

  • NanoZoomer S60 whole slide scanner:
    • Brightfield slides
    • Fluorescent slides
  • Widefield light microscopy:
    • Leica DM 6000 upright microscope
    • Leica DMI 6000 inverted microscope
  • Confocal microscopy:
    • Leica HyVolution SP8 
    • Leica TCS SP8 gated STED 3X
    • Olympus SPIN SR-10 Spinning Disc
  • Lightsheet microscopy:
    • Lattice LightSheet
    • Cleared Tissue LightSheet
  • Imaging-Based Spatial Omics Platforms:
    • NanoString CosMx
    • 10x Genomics Xenium
  • Imaging Analysis Software Station
  • Remote Data Storage Up To 250 TB

We've expanded our resources to include spatialomics systems, allowing for the exploration into the transcriptome and proteome within tissue sections. These cutting-edge techniques are invaluable for unraveling the mysteries of various pathologies, such as cancer, neurodegeneration, and metabolic disorders.

Our facility serves as an incubator for translational research, facilitating dynamic interactions and high-throughput analyses that drive scientific discovery forward. Join us at the forefront of innovation as we push the boundaries of scientific exploration together.


Robbins Building; E540G and E632

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