Midwifery FAQs

I have an RN license and an ADN degree. How can I apply to the midwifery program?

To apply for the midwifery program, applicants need to have a minimum of a BSN degree. The easiest route to the MSN program in nurse-midwifery is to complete an accelerated RN to BSN program (not available at Case Western Reserve University) before applying to our program.
I have a bachelor's degree but not in nursing. Can I apply to the nurse-midwifery program?

The graduate entry, MN program, at Case Western Reserve is a two-year program for those with a bachelor's degree not in nursing to complete requirements to become an RN. The MN application process includes automatic admission to the MSN program, and graduates complete 15 credits of the MSN program during their MN program. Read more about the MN program.
I am a midwife educated in another country. How can I become certified in the U.S. to practice midwifery?

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) has prepared a document to help midwives prepared in other countries understand the certification process in the U.S.