Colleen Karlo, MS

Executive Director

Colleen Karlo serves as the administrative support for the biotechnology oversight committees at CWRU, including the Institutional Biosafety Committee, the Institutional Research Entity for Dual Use Research of Concern, and the Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee. In addition, Colleen is a member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Laboratory Safety Committee. Her role also involves facilitating the ordering and acquisition of prescription drugs and controlled substances for research.

Karlo joined CWRU in 1996 as a research assistant in the Department of Neurosciences, where she worked for 20 years before joining the administrative side of research in the Office of Research and Technology Management. Her blend of laboratory experience and regulatory knowledge allows her to collaborate closely with talented researchers to promote research excellence and safety at CWRU.

Karlo graduated from Hiram College with a bachelor’s degree, and holds a master’s degree from Miami University, with a focus in molecular biology. She is a Certified Professional Biosafety Compliance Administrator (CPBCA).