Jon Donze, MBA

Pre-Award Services and Agreements
School of Medicine

Jon Donze joined Case Western Reserve University as a research assistant in 2001 after graduating with an undergrad degree in biology.  While working in the lab, he earned his MBA from CWRU in 2011. In 2012, he moved from the lab to research administration in the School of Medicine, eventually moving to the School of Medicine’s Office of Grants and Contracts. He is now the director of the School of Medicine’s Pre-Award Services and Agreements office, previously the Office of Grants and Contracts. He and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive customer focused support to each faculty and staff member in the School of Medicine relating to research administration.

His office and team are tasked with reviewing the School of Medicine’s grant, contract and subcontract proposals as well as negotiating these awards when received. They also set up these awards in CWRU’s financial system.