Michael Piccirillo, MEd

Administrative Director of Core Service
School of Medicine & Office of Research and Technology Management
Department of Research Administration

As the director of core services and shared resources at the School of Medicine, Michael oversees the strategic planning and management of essential facilities and resources crucial for research and academic endeavors. He manages the iLab software platform and is responsible for optimizing the use of research facilities and resources through efficient management of the iLab system. With expertise in research administration and technology, Michael facilitates seamless scheduling, billing, and coordination of core services, empowering researchers to maximize their productivity and collaboration within the institution. Within the Office of Research and Technology Management, Michael works to coordinate CWRU’s research core infrastructure across all schools and facilities. 

Michael brings diverse experience from his professional journey, which spans education, entrepreneurship and research management. With prior ownership of multiple small businesses and a pivotal role as a research project manager at the Cleveland Clinic, he brings invaluable insights to our team. Michael holds a master's degree in education from John Carroll University, and he also proudly served as a military police officer in the United States Air Force. His multifaceted background enriches our collective experience and strengthens our capabilities.