Monica Bradley

Associate Director of Research Agreements

Monica Bradley’s 25-year tenure in research administration at Case Western Reserve University began as a department assistant in the School of Medicine’s Office of Research Administration answering phones, filing, scheduling meetings for the director, and sorting and distributing expense statements (yes, paper copies). Over the next 10 years and a few promotions later, Monica learned how to—and excelled at—review and process paper National Institutes of Health (NIH) applications for the school’s faculty. 

Monica’s last position in her decade of dedication to the medical school was pre-award specialist, where her responsibilities included processing awards and fully executed agreements for speedtype issuance, and processing no-cost extensions and various rebudgeting paperwork.

In 2008, Monica embarked on her post-award journey of research administration in the Office of Research and Technology Management (ORTM) as an accountant in post-award services, where her responsibilities included:

  • Account reconciliation, 
  • Processing salary and non-salary journals,
  • Drafting invoices, and
  • Drafting expenditure reports to send to NIH and various sponsors.

In 2013, Monica joined the Financial Compliance Office, as a compliance analyst where she organized and led quarterly effort reporting cycles for CWRU faculty and staff, managed the subrecipient monitoring process for subawards issued to other Institutions, monitored key personnel restrictions imposed on NIH awards, and assisted with  CWRU’s yearly external audit (formerly known as the A21 audit). 

In 2022, Monica’s thirst for knowledge led her to the Data Use Agreement (DUA) Office, where she is the associate director. Her responsibilities include reviewing DUA material transfer agreement (MTA) requests, as well as drafting and negotiating research data contracts that include human subjects’ research data. Monica also serves as the co-chair of the Research Data Management Group.

In her spare time Monica enjoys volunteering with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) group in her neighborhood. CERT trains the public in basic disaster response skills such as team organization, disaster medical operations, fire safety, and light search and rescue.