About the Core Facilities Support Committee

Core Facility lab technician

The mission of CWRU's Core Facilities website is to provide a centralized source of standardized, searchable information about the individual core facilities and groups providing specialized services. It is designed to help investigators identify cores with the equipment and services they need to prepare a grant proposal, conduct their research or obtain answers to their questions. It is not designed to replace individual core facility websites.

Investigators can search this website using keywords or view a list of all cores. Basic information such as core descriptions, contact information, services, equipment, access restrictions, and links to core websites are provided. Investigators should visit the individual core websites and/or contact the cores for more detailed information.

The Core Facilities website is managed by the CWRU Office of Research Administration's IT group as directed by the Core Facilities Support committee.

Contact Us

To find out more about what our group does or how we can help you, please contact the committee at CWRUcores@case.edu.

If you would like to find out more about a specific core facility, there is contact info available on their detail page. You can use our Search tool to find this contact information.

We encourage you to provide comments and suggestions that will help us improve the functionality of this site. If you have a comment specific to how the website should be working, please contact the site administrator.