Award Management

Post-Award Services

The Post-Award Services unit of the Office of Sponsored Projects supports the research mission of the University by providing customer service and support to the research community for post award activities related to grants, contracts and other types of sponsored projects. Post Award Services is committed to provide timely, accurate, and courteous assistance to our faculty, staff, external sponsors, and other University personnel.

To be clear, all employees hired by the University to perform tasks related to research are considered University employees as defined by University human resources.  This means that these employees are treated as University employees and are eligible for pay (regardless of source) while employed in accordance with University policy and guidance.  This includes when University employees are working remotely or when unable to work during disruptions of campus facilities or programs, whether by natural disaster, public health emergency, or other reasons as determined by University guidance.  Research employees are the same as non-research employees.

After the University receives a sponsored award, our Post-award services will keep principal investigators and staff up-to-date and ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations. We'll perform monthly financial reviews and reports, provide reports, and oversee any financial adjustments, corrections, or transfers. We'll also meet with faculty to answer questions and assist in financial planning.

Post-Award Services assists faculty and staff by providing:

  • account monitoring
  • financial reporting
  • invoicing
  • non-salary journal review and approval
  • salary adjustment review and approval
  • project closeouts
  • training faculty, staff and students in sponsored projects policies and procedures including financial reporting, invoice processing, cost transfers, and project closeout
  • cash management, including cash receipt and drawdown
  • financial cash transaction reports
  • collection activities on outstanding invoices
  • effort reporting systems

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