CWRU Portfolio of Selected Faculty Start-Up Companies

Meet Companies Launched by CWRU

CWRU currently launches an average of five start-up companies per year. A CWRU start-up is defined as a company that was formed specifically to commercialize technology developed by faculty and/or staff at CWRU and our affiliate institutions. Start-ups represent an exciting and challenging alternative path to market for technologies that need additional development to lower the risk of commercialization. CWRU start-ups have attracted over $50 million in follow-on investment. Below is our portfolio of active companies, with links to their respective websites.


Energy & Materials

Aeroclay logo

View the aeroclay website

Folio Photonics logo

View the Folio Photonics website


Med Devices and Imaging

Akrotome Imaging, Inc logo

View the Akrotome Imaging, Inc. website

apollo medical devices logo

BioInVision Logo

View the BioInVision website

Cardio Insight Logo

View the CardioInsight website

Hemex Health Logo

View the Hemex Health website

Molecular Theranostics logo

View the Molecular Theranostics website

NDI Medical Logo

View the NDI Medical website





View the NervGen Pharma website

NEUROS Medical logo

View the NEUROS Medical website

Synapse Biomedical Inc. Logo

View the Synapse Biomedical Inc. website

Trailhead Biosystems logo

View the Trailhead Biosystems website



Global Health Metrics Website

View the Global Health Metrics website

Intwine Connect Logo

View the Intwine Connect website

NeoProteomics logo

View the NeoProteomics website



Arrett Neuroscience logo

Arteriocyte Medical Systems logo

BIOHM logo

View the BIOHM website


Visit the Haima Therapeutics website

Q2Pharma logo

View the Q2Pharma website