Material Transfer + Data Use Agreements

Material Transfer Agreements and Data Use Agreements

The CWRU Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is responsible for the review and negotiation of material transfer agreements (MTAs), and the Office of Research Administration (ORA) is responsible for the review and negotiation of data use agreements (DUAs). We assist with the preparation and execution of these documents. Every MTA or DUA is required to be signed by an authorized signatory for the university; this can only be done by the TTO or ORA.

For your MTA:

Contact Walid Jalabi at or leave a message at 216.368.2151 for assistance with your MTA.

For all MTA requests, please complete and sign the MTA review form (MTA Review Form) and return to Walid.

For your DUA:

In order to initiate a Data Use Agreement or Data Access Agreement, a Data Use/Access Request Form needs to be submitted.
  • The form has questions designed to help DUA staff determine the  type of DUA needed and regulatory requirements.
  •  As you are completing the form, please provide as much detail as possible.  
  • The form has branching logic and  contains questions regarding funding, type of data to be accessed or transferred, data storage, data security, and human subjects information.  
  • To assist with the completion of the form all of the questions, branching logic and additional guidance are provided in the DUA Request Form and Guidance Document.
If you have questions about Data Use/Access Agreements please email with your questions and a DUA staff member will get back to you. 


Human Samples or Data

There is a new process for agreements that involve human-related data or human-derived samples coming in or going out of CWRU.
Any material transfer agreement for human-related data or human-derived samples must be approved by an IRB or receive a non-human subject determination from the CWRU IRB before the MTA can be finalized. For DUAs, IRB approval or a non-human subject determination may be required.

For more information on this process and for working with CWRU Technology Transfer, the Office of Research Administration, and Office and Institutional Review Board for review, negotiation & execution of human-related MTAs and DUAs, see this document:

Human-related DUA & MTA Help Document for Investigators