TTO News

Haima Therapeutics Receives Phase II TVSF Award from the State of Ohio to Develop its SynthoPlate Product for Veterinary Use

--Haima Therapeutics press release July 9, 2020

Luminary Therapeutics and Case Western Reserve University Enter Formal Collaboration for Development of BAFF CAR

--EIN Presswire July 7, 2020

Akouos Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering

--Globe NewsWire June 30, 2020

NervGen Pharma to Collaborate on Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Study Sponsored by the State of Ohio

--NervGen Pharma press release June 22, 2020

New, Quick Test For Sickle Cell Disease Comes Online

--Ideastram June 19, 2020

Case Western Reserve Completes License Option with Spinout Company Edifice Analytics Inc

--CWRU Daily June 18, 2020

A New Weapon in the Fight Against Sickle Cell Disease

--CWRU Daily June 18, 2020

Gazelle™ Diagnostic Platform, Designed for Low Resource Settings, Integrates Miniaturized Technologies with AI to Transform Disease Screening and Diagnosis

--Hemex Health press release June 16, 2020

PAVmed Subsidiary Lucid Diagnostics Receives Preliminary Payment Determination for EsoGuard Esophageal DNA Test

--GlobeNewswire June 11, 2020

Haima Therapeutics Licenses Synthetic Platelet Technology from Case Western Reserve University for Hemostatic Therapy

--CWRU Daily June 3, 2020

New Technology Gives Patients Access to a 5-Minute, Office-Based Test to Identify Risk for Esophageal Cancer

--National Cancer Institute June 1, 2020

NervGen Pharma Reports First Quarter 2020 Results - Phase 1 Clinical Trial Remains on Track

--NervGen Pharma Corp. press release June 1, 2020

RoadPrintz and Case Western Reserve University Testing Robotic Pavement Marking Machine

--ForConstructionPros May 20, 2020

Medical Device Developed by CWRU/UH Researchers Wins 2020 Edison Award

--CWRU Daily April 23, 2020

Peak Nanosystems Raises $25mm Series C Round to Fund Acquisition and Expand Product Lines

--The Moore County News Press April 14, 2020

XaTek Inc. Receives FDA’s “Breakthrough Devices Designation” for CWRU-Licensed ClotChip Technology

--CWRU Daily April 2, 2020

PAVmed Subsidiary Lucid Diagnostics’ EsoCheck Esophageal Cell Collection Device Receives Prestigious Edison Best New Product Award

--GlobeNewswire April 2, 2020

XaTek Inc. Receives Key FDA Designation to Aid Commercialization of its ClotChip Device

--Crain's Cleveland Business March 3, 2020

U.S. FDA Grants PAVmed Subsidiary, Lucid Diagnostics, Breakthrough Device Designation for its EsoGuard Esophageal DNA Test

--Globe Newswire February 11, 2020

Local Inventors Create Prototype That Can Make Painting Roads Safer, Less Expensive

--WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland January 29, 2020

CWRU Hopes a Local Company is on the Road to Producing a Safer, Faster Painting System

--Crain's Cleveland Business January 23, 2020

University’s HoloAnatomy Spreads to Other Campuses

--CWRU Daily January 22, 2020

CWRU and RoadPrintz Inc. Sign License Agreement to Advance Robotic Street-Painting Technology

--CWRU Daily January 21, 2020

Releasing the Handbrake on Endogenous Repair – An Alternative Approach to Treating Alzheimer’s Disease?

An interview with NervGen Pharma President and CEO, Paul Brennan

--Technology Networks January 13, 2020

PAVmed Subsidiary Lucid Diagnostics Announces Commercial Launch of EsoGuard Esophageal DNA Test

--Globe Newswire December 19, 2019

Pamela B. Davis—dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine—named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

--CWRU Daily December 3, 2019

PAVmed Reports Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results and Provides Business Update

--GlobalNewswire November 21, 2019

NervGen Pharma Receives Investment from Drug Manufacturing Partner - CSBio Invests US$1,5000,000 as Part of Manufacturing Contract for Clinical Trial Product

--NervGen Pharma November 18, 2019

Treating Usher Syndrome Hearing Loss - Researchers Develop Pioneering Gene Therapy Technology

--University Hospitals News November 13, 2019

Cleveland Heights Car Mechanic Finds a Much Cheaper Way to Paint Lines on Streets

--FreshWater Cleveland October 24, 2019

The World’s Most Innovative Universities 2019

--Reuters October 23, 2019

CollaMedix - A Biotech Startup Founded with Technology Invented at CWRU and UHCMC - Reaches Exclusive Licensing Agreement

--CWRU Daily October 16, 2019

Patent-Pending Probiotic Could Disrupt Crohn’s Disease Biofilms

--CWRU Daily September 30, 2019

Introducing xLab - Where Case Western Reserve Students Help Shape Digital Strategies for Established Companies

--CWRU Daily September 30, 2019

Folio Photonics Was Named One of the 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2019

--Refinery Ventures September 27, 2019

CWRU and Akouos Sign Exclusive Licensing Agreement to Advance Development of Gene Therapy Technology as a Potential Treatment for a Type of Usher Syndrome

--CWRU Daily September 5, 2019

Swallowable Device to Detect Pre-cancerous Barrett's Esophagus Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

--CWRU SOM September 5, 2019

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Elected Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors

--CWRU Daily August 13, 2019

Microsoft Quantum Algorithm Boosts Medical Imaging

--Fortune July 15, 2019

Case Western Reserve Spinout Company, Convelo Therapeutics, Partners with Genentech to Develop Medicines for Neurological Disorders

--CWRU Daily July 30, 2019

Case Western Reserve University Ranked 17th in "Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents in 2018"

--CWRU Daily June 15, 2019

Folio Photonics of Solon Closes $8 Million Seed-Financing Round

Crain's Cleveland Business May 21, 2019

Developing and Commercializing Peptide Therapeutics for Nerve Regeneration- An Interview with NervGen Pharma

--RegMedNet May 15, 2019

NervGen Pharma Completes $10 Million Initial Public Offering; Shares to Commence Trading on TSX-V on March 15, 2019 – Symbol “NGEN”

--Investing News Network March 13, 219

How the Think[box] Makerspace Became the Epicenter of Innovation

-- Innovation & Tech Today February 1, 2019

Meet the Six Finalists for the University's $50,000 Startup Contest

-- CWRU Daily January 23, 2019

CWRU Receives Third-Straight $500,000 Technology Startup Fund Award from Ohio Third Frontier Commission

-- CWRU Daily January 16, 2019

PAVmed Provides Business Update

-- GlobalNewswire January 10, 2019

Refinery Fund I, LP Closes: Welcome Folio Photonics

-- Refinery Ventures Newsletter January 2019

Seattle Biotech Startup Raises $3.7M to Help the Body Regenerate Tissue

-- GeekWire December 13, 2018

The 10 Most Incredible Medical Breakthroughs of 2018

-- Prevention December 6, 2018

PAVmed Subsidiary Lucid Diagnostics Files 510(k) Submission with FDA for EsoCheck Cell Collection Device

-- GlobeNewswire November 29, 2018

PAVmed Reports Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results and Provides Business Update

-- GlobeNewswire November 15, 2018

EsoCheck Well Received at ACG Annual Meeting

-- PAVmed News November 13, 2018

Hemex Health Developing Malaria Detector with Navy Researchers in Peru

-- TechLink November 5, 2018

Sending Discoveries into the World

-- CWRU THINK Magazine Fall 2018 Issue

Road Map to the Heart

-- CWRU THINK Magazine Fall 2018 Issue

Blockland Backers Dream of a Cleveland Tech Mecca

-- WKSU News October 22, 2018

Haima Therapeutics, a CWRU Spinoff, Funded by Department of Defense

-- CWRU Daily October 19, 2018

CWRU Researchers Cure Drug-Resistant Infections without Antibiotics

-- CWRU School of Medicine October 17, 2018

Cleveland, Akron are Tech Patent Powers

-- Crain's Cleveland Business October 14, 2018

Reuters Top 100: The World's Most Innovative Universities - 2018

-- Reuters October 10, 2018

Cardialen Closes $17 Million Series B Financing for Heart Rhythm Therapy

-- Cardialen News October 10, 2018

CWRU, Engine Biosciences Sign Exclusive Option License for University-Based Technology to Treat Debilitating Neurodegenerative Diseases

-- CWRU Daily October 4, 2018

Using Mobile Technology to Fight Disease: Three Tips for Social Startups in the Developing World

-- NextBillion October 3, 2018

A SMART Idea: Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Sickle Cell Disease and Malaria

-- Medgadget October 1, 2018

I-Corps@Ohio Adds New Governance Board

-- ICorps@Ohio Augst 16, 2018

Nervgen Pharma Announces Granting Of US Patent For Breakthrough Nerve Regeneration Technology

-- August 10, 2018

USPTO Announces 2018 Patents for Humanity Winners

-- August 9, 2018

'Virtual' Energy Audits

-- CWRU Daily August 8, 2018

Convelo Therapeutics, founded on discoveries at Case Western Reserve, to develop regenerative medicines for neurological disorders 

-- CWRU Daily July 31, 2018

Mixed Reality: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Teaching and Learning

-- EDUCAUSEreview July 30, 2018

New startup Convelo links old and new compounds to myelin repair in MS

-- FierceBiotech July 26, 2018

A New Roadmap for Repairing the Damage of Multiple Sclerosis 

-- CWRU Newscenter July 25, 2018

A New Milestone in Laboratory Grown Human Brain Tissue

-- CWRU Newscenter July 25, 2018

Convelo Therapeutics to Develop New Regenerative Medicines for Neurological Disease Characterized by Loss of Myelin

-- Business Wire July 25, 2018

Convelo Therapeutics, founded on discoveries made at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, launches publicly

-- Crain's Cleveland Business July 25, 2018

Case Western Reserve Enters Licensing Agreement with Canadian Company

-- Crain's Cleveland Business July 24, 2018

Case Western Reserve, NervGen sign license agreement to develop therapies for spinal-cord injury and other nerve-damage conditions

-- CWRU Daily July 24, 2018

Thermalin Announces: Additional Closing on $21M Series A Preferred Financing to Support its Cleveland-based R&D Team

-- July 21, 2018

Case Western Reserve start-up’s Series A brings $9.1M to develop test for blood clotting 

-- Tech Transfer Central July 18, 2018

NervGen Pharma Licenses Breakthrough Nerve Regeneration Technology From Case Western Reserve University

-- Press Release July 17, 2018

XaTek Inc. Raises $9.1 Million to Advance ClotChip, a Hand-held Device to Quickly Gauge Blood's Clotting Ability

-- Crain's Cleveland Business July 10, 2018

Case Western Among Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents in 2017

-- CWRU Daily June 14, 2018

New CWRU, Haima Therapeutics' blood-clotting platelet simulators could save lives

-- June 7, 2018

Hemex Health and Partners Win Vodafone Foundation 2018 Wireless Innovation Contest

-- June 6, 2018

Case Western license out nanotechnology to treat bleeding complications

-- Crain's Cleveland Business June 6, 2018

Case Western Reserve and Haima Therapeutics sign option license to develop SynthoPlate

-- CWRU Daily June 4, 2018

Winners of the first round of 2018 CWRU Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund Program awards announced

-- CWRU Daily June 1, 2018

CWRU and Haima Therapeutics LLC Sign Option License to Develop SynthoPlate

-- Crain's Cleveland Business May 30, 2018

Case Western Reserve announces new partnership with Microsoft 

-- Crain's Cleveland Business May 18, 2018

Case Western Reserve University, Lucid Diagnostics Signs License Agreement to Commercialize Fast, Accurate Barrett's Esophagus Detector

-- CWRU Daily May 16, 2018

Lucid Diagnostics License Barrett's Esophagus Biomarker Tech from CWRU

-- Genomeweb May 14, 2018

PAVmed and Case Western Reserve University Finalize Definitive Licensing Agreement for Groundbreaking Esocheck Technology 

-- PAVmed May 14, 2018

First Round of 2018 CWRU Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund (CTP) Awards Announced

-- Press Release May 10, 2018

First Round of the 2018 Case Western Reserve University Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund Program (CTP) Awards Announced 

-- CWRU Tech Transfer Office Spring 2018

PAVmed Signs Letter of Intent with Case Western Reserve University to Commercialize Groundbreaking Esocheck Technology

-- Business Wire April 24, 2018

Four Case Western Reserve University medtech research projects selected for State of Ohio’s focused commercialization training

-- CWRU Daily April 20, 2018

Startup goes inside our blood, draws top pitching prize at new CWRU contest

-‌- CWRU Daily March 21, 2018

Business Oregon Announces Awards for Startups to Bring Concepts Closer to Market

-- Business Oregon March 14, 2018

Case Western Reserve University receives additional $500,000 state grant

-- CWRU Daily March 13, 2018

New angel investor network steers investment to startups associated with CWRU

-- CWRU Daily March 13, 2018

Case Students and Alum Will Pitch in the Inaugural Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup...

-- WKSU March 12, 2018

Peak Nano Optics Closes Minority Investment with L3 Technologies

-- Peak Nano February 28, 2018

L3 Invests in Nanotechnology Optics Company

--Square Space News February 28, 2018

Diagnosis: Biomarkers and balloons for the detection of Barrett oesophagus

-- Nature Reviews February 7, 2018

Biohm aims to bring balance to the gut

-- Crain's Cleveland Business February 3, 2018

Cleveland Foundation awards $1.75 million

-- CWRU Daily January 30, 2018

Cleveland Foundation awards $1.75 million (Cleveland Foundation News)

-- Cleveland Foundation January 30, 2018

Swallowable Balloon Device Detects Barett's Esophagus

-- Medscape January 22, 2018

Quick Test Could Spot Precursor to Esophageal Cancer

--U.S. News January 19, 2018

New York Car Care Product Maker Makes OC Home

-- Orange County Business Journal January 15, 2018

 Alevca Ocular

-- Tech Transfer Central January 10, 2018

Breakthrough brain cancer treatment moving forward at Cleveland State University

-- News 5 Cleveland January 9, 2018

10 Case Western Reserve University entrepreneurs to show at CES 2018

-- CWRU Daily January 8, 2018

Ohio's top technology licensing earners seek sustainability after blockbusters

-- Columbus Business First January 5, 2018

Alevca Ocular gains CWRU Technology Transfer licenses to develop....

-- CWRU Daily January 5, 2018

CWRU spots Alevca Ocular's potential

-- Global University Venturing January 4, 2018

Alevca Ocular secures licenses from CWRU for novel ophthalmological drugs

-- Crain's Cleveland Business January 3, 2018

‌‌‌CWRU Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund Program awards four new projects...

-- CWRU Daily December 22, 2017

Hemex Health Announces Close of $3M Seed Funding

-- December 18, 2017

NAI New Fellows Guide - Dr. Mark Griswold

-- NAI Fellows December 12, 2017

We'll Build An App For That

-- THINK Magazine Fall 2017

Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership awards $1.1 million for...

-- CWRU Daily November 20, 2017

Cleveland-based Thermalin gets funding for diabetes research

-- November 7, 2017

Hemex Health Raises Over $600,000 Investment From Tie Global Angels

-- November 5, 2017

CWRU among best in the country for commercialization of research

-- CWRU Daily October 31, 2017

Case Western Reserve’s Paul Tesar selected to receive New York Stem Cell...

-- CWRU Daily October 24, 2017

What Does Insulin Smell Like?

-- October 11, 2017

Downtown universities outperform their suburban and rural counterparts

-- October 10, 2017

Hidden in plain sight: The oversized impact of downtown universities

-- October 2017

Putting precision care on the spot

-- Crain's Cleveland Business October 7, 2017

MedTech Firm Thermalin Raises $17.5 Million, Announces Partnership with Sanofi to Develop Insulin Therapies

--Crain's Cleveland Business September 28, 2017

MRI contrast agensivet locates and distinguishes aggressive slow growing...

-- CWRU Daily September 25, 2017

Aggressive Breast Cancer Identified Using New MRI Contrast Agent

--Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News September 25, 2017

Ohio Third Frontier provides grants to two Cleveland tech startups

-- Crain's Cleveland Business September 15, 2017

Neuros Medical Appoints Tom Wilder as President and CEO

-- BusinessWire August 28, 2017

Case Western Reserve University Researchers Develop Therapeutic to Enhance Tissue Repair and Generation

--CWRU Daily August 22, 2017

Hemex Health Selects Tata Elxsi as the Product Design and Engineering Partner for its 'Lab-in-a-Box' -- a Point-of-care Diagnostic Platform

--CISION PR Newswire August 8, 2017

Neuros Medical Announces Closing of $20 Million Venture Financing

--BusinessWire August 7, 2017

OrthoPediatrics Corp. Launches New Pediatric Specific Clavicle Plates

--PR Web August 4, 2017

Intwine Connect Announces Strategic Distribution Agreement for North America with Arrow Electronics

--CISION PR Newswire July 26, 2017

Regenerative Medicine Start-Up Rodeo Therapeutics Raises $5.9M for Drugs to Regenerate Tissue

--GeekWire July 25, 2017

Second Round of CWRU Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund Program Awards Announced

-- CWRU Daily July 21, 2017 

CWRU, ICBM Medical Sign Agreement to Further Develop Technology to Provide Patient Screening and Monitoring

-- Crain's Cleveland Business June 9, 2017

Kent State, Case Western Reserve, University of Akron Finalists for National Entrepreneurship Awards May 17, 2017

CWRU Biomedical Engineers Win First Place in Collegiate Division at Medical Capital Innovation Competition

--CWRU Daily May 5, 2017

Four CWRU Medtech Research Projects Selected for Ohio's Focused Commercialization Training

--CWRU Daily April 10, 2017

Case Western Reserve and Q2 Pharma Partner to Develop Antivirulence Agents that Disarm Superbugs

--News Medical March 31, 2017

Micro-Leads Inc. and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Announce Two Exciting Milestones Amidst GSK Innovation Challenge

--BusinessWire January 10, 2017

Case Western Reserve University showcases ingenuity at CES 2016 

--CWRU Press Release December 28, 2015

Technology Transfer Office’s Arlicia Headd passes away

--CWRU Daily November 13, 2015

Vision Medicines Announces Exclusive Licensing Agreement with CWRU

--Visions Medicines News November 9, 2015--

CWRU Technology Transfer Office Wins Licensing Executives Society "Deals of Distinction" Award

--CWRU Think Magazine October 6, 2016--

Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership awards $1 million in funding

--CWRU Think Magazine September 22, 2015--

 CWRU Ranked 82 in Reuter's 100 Most Innovative Universities

--Reuters, September 15, 2015--

Faculty-student team participating in summer cohort of research commercialization program

--CWRU Daily August 3, 2015--

CWRU signs option agreement with Wholesome Wave to launch FM Tracks app

--CWRU Daily July 20, 2015--

Red5 Pharmaceuticals attains exclusive license from CWRU

--CWRU Press Release July 10, 2015--

CardioInsight Technologies acquired to further advance heart mapping technology initially developed at CWRU

--CWRU Press Release July 10, 2015--

Ohio Department of Higher Education Announces Members of I-Corps@Ohio Summer Cohort

--Ohio DOE Press Release July 8, 2015--

Sujana Biotech, a New Biotech Start-up, in Launched by BioMotiv

--BioMotiv Press Release July 1, 2015--

Medtronic Announces Acquisition of CardioInsight Technologies, Developer of Non-Invasive Cardiac Mapping System

--Market Watch June 19, 2015--

Leica Microsystems to Acquire OCT Company Bioptigen

--Bionity June 3, 2015--

TRACON Pharmaceuticals Expands License Agreement and Signs Research Agreement with CWRU

--TRACON Pharma Press Release April 8, 2015--

University Research Budgets Hang in the Balance
--Crain's Cleveland Business October 8, 2012--

Universities Turn to Industry to Fund Research
--StateImpact Ohio (WCPN, WKSU, WOSU, NPR) July 24, 2012--

New CWRU tech transfer chief looks to boost corporate partnerships
--MedCity News April 25, 2012--

Next up for CWRU docs' Alzheimer's drug: trials
--Crain's Cleveland Business April 16, 2012--

State Sees Room for Tech Transfer Growth at Colleges
--Crain's Cleveland Business March 26, 2012--

Who to Watch - Joseph Jankowski
--Crain's Cleveland Business January 16, 2012--

CWRU continues technology transfer leadership in Ohio, according to national survey
--Press Release December 19, 2007--

Bared Bones
--Crain's Cleveland Business December 3, 2007--

CWRU spinoff partners with Medtronic to produce, distribute adult stem cell technology
--Press Release November 8, 2007--

Biotech eyes linking Cleveland, Pittsburgh
--Press Release May 20, 2007--

Region on Par with Peers for Invention Disclosures
--Crain's Cleveland Business May 14, 2007--

Case Study in Tech Transfer
--Press Release May 13, 2007--

CWRU Lands in Top 10 Nationally
--Press Release March 15, 2007--

From Drawing Board To Market
--Plain Dealer Editorial March 15, 2007--

The Clinic and CWRU: Leaders in Licensing
--Plain Dealer March 14, 2007--

Information Transfer
--Crain's Cleveland Business Blog March 13, 2007--

New Companies Cash In On Medical Innovations
--Zanesville Times Recorder March 12, 2007--

Medical Innovations Lead to Surging For-Profit Spinoffs
--JumpStart/Akron Beacon Journal March 11, 2007--

CWRU Grows Heart Healthy Companies from its Research
--Press Release December 28, 2006--

CWRU Licenses Methoxyamine to Tracon
--Press Release October 12, 2006--

State Doesn't Keep The Right Graduates
--Toledo Blade October 1, 2006--

JumpStart Inc. plans to invest $400,000 in FLX Micro
--Crains Cleveland Business September 6, 2006--

CWRU/UHHS Launch Start-up Venture for Innovative Cardiac Care
--Press Release August 22, 2006--

A Tech Transfer Success Story
--Cleveland Plain Dealer July 28, 2006--

CWRU Technology Transfer Reaches New Levels of Performance
--Press Release July 10, 2006--

CWRU Licenses Technology
--Crain's Cleveland Business, April 25, 2006--

CWRU completes licensing agreement with Great Lakes Pharmaceuticals
--Press Release April 24, 2006--