Adjunct Opportunities

The Mandel School is looking for experienced, highly passionate and dedicated individuals to teach as adjunct instructors for the Master’s of Social Work (MSW) and Master’s of Nonprofit Management (MNO) programs. Courses for the MSW and MNO programs are taught across three formats: on-campus weekly, on-campus intensive weekend and online. To learn more about the structure of each format, please visit our Master of Social Work webpage. 

If you have prior teaching experience and/or relevant practice experience that will translate into the classroom, we would like to hear from you. By joining our team of adjunct instructors, you will have access to the following benefits: 

  • Teach across varying times and formats
  • Access to libraries and research databases 
  • Work one-on-one with a course Lead Instructor
  • Receive expert pedagogical and technical training 
  • Receive ongoing teaching support and mentoring 
  • Work collaboratively with faculty and other instructors
teacher and students in discussion

Please consider joining our team by completing the Adjunct Instructor Information Sheet (click the link to the right). The information sheet will allow you the opportunity to select which courses you have an interest in teaching and provide a link to upload your resume or curriculum vitae. Please refer to the course description link to view a listing of all Mandel School courses.  Once you have submitted your information, we will include it in our database of available adjunct instructors. As the need arises, we will contact you to explore teaching opportunities. Should you have any questions, please send us an email

Thank you for your interest and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.

Adjunct Instructor Job Description

Position Description

Working under the direction of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services, Adjunct Instructors are contracted each semester to provide quality teaching and classroom instruction to Master level MSW and/or MNO students. Courses are taught in one of three formats: the On-Campus format, taught in 14 weekly in person class sessions; the Intensive Weekend format, taught in four days across two weekends (Saturday, Sunday) from 9am to 6pm; and the Online format, taught in a 14 week synchronous online format. Below is a listing of essential functions performed by the Adjunct Instructor. 

Essential Functions

  1. Provide course instruction in accordance with the course learning objectives.

  2. Meet with a Lead Instructor to review the course structure and prepare the course syllabus, and course content. Provide input and feedback during the course development process.

  3. Become familiar with Mandel School academic policies and procedures and participate in Mandel School Adjunct Faculty Orientation and bi-annual Faculty Academic update sessions. 

  4. Become proficient in the use of the Learning Management Systems (e.g. Canvas, Atrio).

  5. Utilize a variety of instructional strategies in order to engage students and enhance experiential learning (e.g. didactic instruction, flipped classroom model, web-based instruction).

  6. Understand basic elements and functions of the Student Information System (SIS).

  7. Maintain ongoing communication with students regarding supplementary instruction, ongoing feedback on progress, and assignment preparation, when necessary.

  8. Provide accurate and timely grading of students’ academic performance and assessment and evaluate student performance on assignments promptly and accurately based on course rubrics.

  9. Maintains records of student attendance, involvement, and academic progress of students’ competence in the LMS and SIS.

  10. Conduct midterm course evaluations. 

  11. Work collaboratively with the Assistant Deans of Office of Student Services and Academic Affairs regarding concerns with student performance and behavior or concerns regarding classroom management and Mandel School policy, respectively. 

  12. Coordinate with the university bookstore in order to ensure class material availability.

  13. Establish and maintain appropriate office hours.  

  14. Support and promote the Mandel School’s mission centered on excellence in teaching and learning through quality instruction, curriculum enhancement, and service.

Essential Skills

  • Has a comprehensive grasp on his or her particular area of academic study.
  • Demonstrates excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exhibits a commitment to promoting academic excellence in students.
  • Is able to motivate others and contribute to a positive and inclusive school climate. 
  • Has the ability to solve problems and assess results.
  • Demonstrates a high level of self-discipline and self-motivation.
  • Exudes a positive, supportive, and cooperative disposition toward others.
  • Is punctual and detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to perform assigned tasks.

Educational Experience

An adjunct professor must have a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW, MSSA) or a related field and at least 2 years post masters experience. Preference is given to individuals who have prior experience teaching at a university level, or as a teaching assistant or a graduate research assistant. Candidates for this position may also possess professional experience in an area of practice or academic field.

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