Pupil Services License in School Social Work for MSW Graduates

Baldwin Wallace University and Case Western Reserve University, Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, participate in a collaborative program that may enable certain MSW social workers to add the Pupil Services License (PSL) in School Social Work to their professional credentials by enrolling in three graduate education courses at Baldwin Wallace and one or more required graduate social work courses at the Mandel School; and meeting a one year requirement working or in field education within a school doing school social work.


Who may apply?

This cooperative partnership is available to Ohio-licensed social workers who  have graduated from the Mandel School and hold the MSSA/MSW degree focused in direct practice, or from another CSWE-accredited graduate social work program with a direct practice MSW.  Candidates who hold the MSW will be assessed for eligibility to determine whether their previous coursework and field or work experience meet approval to enroll in the post-MSW program.  The review process is conducted by the Director of School Social Work at the Mandel School.  

Applicants must have completed at minimum the required coursework at the Mandel School for the Children, Youth, and Families specialization or the School Social Work academic track.  Non-Mandel School graduates must provide evidence of successful completion (a grade of B or better) of coursework equivalent to that required for school social work in the Mandel School MSW program.

Applicants must have completed a two-semester supervised field placement in a school setting or must have one year of current school social work experience in a school setting (current is defined as “presently employed”) or work experience no more than one year old from the time of application. 
Enrollment requires joint approval from the Mandel School and from Baldwin Wallace.

    How to apply

    Complete the self-application form, being sure to include the following: 

    • A one-page statement indicating the reason for pursuing the post-MSW program leading to eligibility to apply for the pupil services license;
    • The most recent transcript indicating your graduation from an accredited MSW program (a copy is sufficient);
    • Evidence of completion of a field placement in a school setting or one year of school social work experience; 
    • Evidence of coursework and CEU workshops/trainings completed post-MSW;
    • Evidence of LSW or LISW social work licensure status in Ohio. 

    Please send all materials via email to Marjorie Edguer, Director of School Social Work, at the Mandel School.  After review, the applicant will receive a written list of coursework and/or other requirements needing successful completion in order to qualify for eligibility to apply for the pupil services license from the Ohio Department of Education.

    The Program

    Individuals completing coursework toward eligibility to apply for the pupil services license will need to enroll and successfully complete at least the following: 

    • SASS 519: Children and Families in the School Setting (offered on campus during fall semester at the Mandel School, 3 credits)
    • EDU 510: Educational Studies (online, Baldwin Wallace, 3 credits)
    • EDU 573: Education of Children with Special Needs (online, Baldwin Wallace, 3 credits)
    • EDU 584: Pupil Services and Community Resources (online, Baldwin Wallace, 3 credits)

    Apply to Baldwin Wallace and Register for Graduate Education 

    Tuition and Financial Aid - Baldwin Wallace

    These graduate courses at Baldwin Wallace University are $550/credit hour.  Select candidates (students not currently enrolled in a graduate program) may be eligible for federal direct student loans.  Please contact the Baldwin Wallace Office of Admissions at graduate@bw.edu or (440) 826-8012 for more information.

    Register for the Mandel School course

    • SASS 519: Children and Families in the School Setting (3 cr)
    • When you are ready to register for SASS 519 (this course is typically offered during fall semester in the evening on campus), please complete the Jack, Jospeh and Morton Mandel School application.
    • Once you create an application account with the Mandel School, please select “non-degree” on the program details page. Please contact Richard Sigg, Richard.sigg@case.edu with any questions.   
    • Tuition for SASS 519 will be approximately $4,770. Please note that after you register a tuition bill will be generated and must be paid prior to the start of the semester. Mandel School Admissions’ will also require a final official degree conferring transcript from your undergraduate and graduate programs prior to the start of the semester. The transcript may be submitted electronically or via mail from your degree conferring institution.

    Transcripts and Grades

    • When you have completed all Baldwin Wallace courses, please request your Baldwin Wallace transcript be emailed to msassreg@case.edu at the Mandel School.   
    • Baldwin Wallace credits are NOT automatically transferred. You may request a Transcript Request Form from the Baldwin Wallace Registration and Records Office at 440 826 226 or request that your transcript be sent electronically.

    Financial Aid - Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

    Mandel School grant assistance is not available for this program. Participants are registered as non-degree students at the Mandel School and are not Mandel School graduates upon completion of courses. Please contact Baldwin Wallace University to inquire about any available financial aid for their coursework.

    Application for the Pupil Services License from the Ohio Department of Education

    At completion of the program, please contact Jennifer Murphy, jmmurphy@bw.edu, License Specialist at Baldwin Wallace University, for assistance in applying online for the school social work pupil services license.  

    Jennifer Murphy, License Specialist 
    College of Education and Health Sciences
    Baldwin Wallace University
    440 826 3464  

    The license application will require the following: 

    • A verification letter signed by the Director of School Social Work at the Mandel School, verifying the participant has completed all academic requirements.  Note: This letter is authorized only after all Baldwin Wallace credits have been transferred to the Mandel School Registrar, msassreg@case.edu.
    • Official transcript.  You will need to have an official transcript from the Mandel School sent to the License Specialist jmmurphy@bw.edu
    • Valid FBI and BCI background checks are required for licensure.  Candidates may complete fingerprinting services with any area provider. Electronic copies should be sent directly to the license specialist at Baldwin Wallace. 

    The five year Pupil Services License Application must be submitted through the official  ODE/SAFE website.  Candidates will need to first register for an active account on the website and then submit an application for a pupil services license – awarded for five years in the field of school social work.  Select Baldwin Wallace as the institution attended in order for Baldwin Wallace to review the application. 
    Participants eligible to apply for the pupil services license in school social work must do so within six years  of completing eligibility (per Baldwin Wallace Division of Education policy, 2018).    


    N. Marjorie Edguer, PhD, LISW-S, LICDC-CS
    Assistant Professor and Director of School Social Work
    Case Western Reserve University

    Kate Glaser, MEd
    Associate Director of Admissions
    Baldwin Wallace University

    Gail Habig, MA 
    Academic Program Assistant 
    College of Education and Health Sciences 
    Baldwin Wallace University

    Jennifer Murphy, MEd
    Field Coordinator and License Specialist
    College of Education and Health Sciences 
    Baldwin Wallace University