Netherlands – Social Justice, Graduate

Image of front entrance of De Dampkring coffie shop, with people coming in and out the large wooden door.  the door includes carved vase-like decorations on the side, with gold, red, orange and dark blue colored swirls on the top surrounding the shop name

Netherlands Social Justice: Health and Violence Prevention (SASS 575)  

3 credits

Student standing next to a poster that reads, Sociaal Werkers vergroten de zelfredzaamheid van de buurt, with a block caption that reads, sociaal werk doe je met sociaal werkers! below

Challenge your assumptions on hot-topic social issues, and enhance your understanding of Dutch social policies and practices. Compare the United States' and the Netherlands' social justice systems by engaging with experts on prostitution, drug use, substance abuse, child welfare, mental health, violence prevention, criminal justice, homelessness and euthanasia.

Spend the week engaging in guided tours of neighborhoods and social institutions such as hospitals, clinics, user rooms and prisons. Enhance your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of social policies and human services in both the United States and the Netherlands, and gain direct access to both agency personnel and clients for an understanding and exposure that cannot be derived from text books.

It is incredibly rare to be able to visit some of the sites we were able to [in the Netherlands], such as the prison, and even having lectures by experts in areas such as physician-assisted  suicide. I appreciate that these  courses are open to all CWRU  students, as you get such a diverse  set of perspectives on any topic area.
- Megan Long, Social work MSASS student
Netherlands 2017, Ecuador 2015

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