International Applicants

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We live in a global society and international students enrich our collective learning and the Mandel, University and Cleveland communities. We encourage you to apply for admission to all of our academic programs.

  • Scholarships help make your education affordable
  • An internal Office of International Affairs helps with your transition to the Mandel School and the United States
  • Membership with LINK (Local InterNational Konnection) student group offers leadership development opportunities and diverse community to support your experience at Mandel School
  • The Office of International Student Services at Case Western Reserve University provides additional support

International students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by the December 1 and no later than January 15th deadline so there is ample time to secure the necessary immigration and visa documents.

All on-campus and dual degree students begin the program in the fall semester.

Fall 2023 Application Deadlines

  • Regular deadline: January 15th, 2023
  • General application deadline: March 15th, 2023

In addition to our standard application requirements, international students must also provide the following information:

Demonstration of English Proficiency

If English is not recognized as your country's official language, you will be required to submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test score. The Mandel School code for TOEFL is 1105.

  • The minimum TOEFL required scores are 577 (paper-based) or 90 (internet-based)
  • The minimum score for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is 7.0

Official results of this test must be forwarded to the Mandel School Office of Admissions.

You are exempt from proficiency testing if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • English is recognized as your country of birth's official language according to the CIA World Factbook
  • You have graduated from an institution in the United States

WES Report (optional)

If you completed a bachelor’s degree from a college or university outside of the United States, you may provide a World Education Services (WES) transcript evaluation in place of a transcript directly from the institution for your past academic history.

A WES report is optional if your university transcripts include: 

  • Degree name
  • Grading scale
  • Cumulative GPA/total average score
  • GPA certificate, if cumulative GPA is not noted on transcript
  • Detailed listing of classes by term

The admissions committee will request a WES evaluation if the transcripts are not translated in English.

If you decide to submit a WES evaluation, please note that WES offers two types of reports. We recommend you order a Course-By-Course evaluation. The required documents vary by the country in which the degree was earned and the level of education received. Get the details.

Proof of Financial Support

If admitted to the program, international students must provide proof of financial support. Once admitted, you will be asked to provide original bank documents as evidence of support to cover educational and living expenses for one academic year. This supporting documentation will be required to confirm enrollment and initiate the appropriate immigration and visa process. The proof of financial support can include your scholarship awards from the Mandel School.

PhD in Social Welfare

We consider your career goals, and how well they match our program, and your personal statement and research interests to make sure there is a good match between you and our faculty members’ research interests. Learn how to apply to our PhD program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. International applicants will be considered for merit based scholarships. The scholarships are determined based on your overall application. Most scholarships are partial tuition scholarships and cover a portion of the tuition charge. In addition to scholarship support, MSW students will receive a field award each semester they are enrolled in field education. 

Our tuition rates are the same for domestic and international students regardless of the program to which you are applying.

If you have or will have earned a three-year bachelor degree, you may also be required to submit a transcript evaluation prepared by WES in addition to your transcripts. The Mandel School will recognize a three-year bachelor’s degree as long as the evaluation indicates that the degree is equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree in the United States.

Before you apply or begin an evaluation process, visit the World Education Services website and use their free “WES Degree Equivalency” tool to see if your degree granting institution is recognized as the equivalent of a four-year degree in the U.S. If WES states that your degree IS the equivalent of a four year degree in the U.S., you must upload a screen shot of that page to your application. If your degree is not listed as such, you may need the WES evaluation OR you must have one year of study in a master’s level program in order to be eligible to apply. Offers of admission will not be binding until we have verified your degree.

For more information, contact:

World Education Services, Inc.
Telephone: (202) 331-2925
The Mandel School admissions team reserves the right to require additional verification of transcripts, grading scales or official certificates that are uploaded to your application.

Congratulations on your admission! First, you will need to Accept or Decline our offer of admission by logging back into the online application system and completing the Enrollment Confirmation Form - this sets the process in motion with the Center for International Affairs and International Student Services to begin working on your visa and I-20 paperwork. This will include gaining access to Terra Dotta, a system that will collect information needed to process your I-20.

International Student Services will process all paperwork related to your travel and stay in the U.S. You will hear from ISS after you receive your official acceptance letter from Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School and Accept our offer of admission. Note that the second page of your admissions offer letter contains step by step information on starting your visa process in Terra Dotta. ISS will not start your visa unless you have accepted the offer from Mandel School in the online application system. ISS will communicate with students via Terra Dotta for processing your paperwork. 

The proof of financial support requires that you provide proof of funding for one year of tuition and estimated living expenses at the Mandel School. For the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 academic year, the annual tuition amount is $48,900 and the estimated living expenses are $14,000. This combined amount of $62,900 is the amount that you will be required to show proof of funding. Your proof of funding can include one year of your Mandel School Scholarship Support. If you were also awarded a field award, one year of the field award can also be used as proof of funding toward the total amount needed. The remaining balance and proof of funding must be provided via external support. For example, bank statements, with liquid assets, may be used to provide proof of funding.