Study Abroad Checklist

Applying to Study Abroad

  1. Contact Dr. David B. Miller to schedule an advising meeting. Those studying abroad on trips with Dr. Victor Groza or Dr. Zoë Breen Wood should also set up meetings with one of them. 
  2. Contact Nancy Issa for financial aid eligibility details and procedures.
  3. Apply for your course. For any questions about the application, please contact
  4. Pay the deposit to the Center for International Affairs. For CWRU students, the rest of the program fee will be billed from the Bursar’s Office along with tuition. Information on how to pay the deposit is on the application.

Registering for the Course

CWRU students: Register on SIS after your application is accepted. All CWRU students outside of the Mandel School require permission to register. The registrar from your CWRU school or college will give you permission.

Students from other universities: Register for an Independent Study (or the equivalent) at their own university. CWRU faculty will give the university instructor information on the student’s performance in the course. Students from other universities and interested professionals must pay the program fee plus an administrative fee of $400. This fee covers some administrative costs of the program that is ordinarily covered by tuition.

Preparing for Travel

Order a passport

If you already have a passport, check that the expiration date has not passed. Renew your passport if it expires within six months after the return date.

For more information, see the U.S. Department of State’s site for U.S. Passports & International Travel or contact the National Passport Information Center at 877.487.2778 for more information.

Verify your medical insurance

Case Western Reserve does provide medical insurance (with restrictions) for all participants. In certain instances, including non-emergency medical situations, you may be required to pre-pay your medical care and/or related costs and then seek reimbursement afterward.

Update your vaccinations

Learn about vaccines prior to traveling by checking the Center for Disease Control website. Vaccinations aren't needed for those traveling to the Netherlands or Poland.

Visit your family physician, health clinic or the University Health Service on the Case Western Reserve campus. UHS can provide students with any travel medicine and vaccines needed for trips. Students are only required to pay for vaccines or prescriptions that are filled at a pharmacy. 

Stay Informed